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Awaken to Your Inner Self

You are the light

Lightbodies Activations

These lightbody activations come in different levels. 1. Opening and Activating the Lightbodies 2. Titanium Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies 3. Electro Magnetic Field Reversal upgrade of the Light bodies 4. Merging the Lightbodies wit the Physical Bodies 5. Cosmic Rose Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies 6. Source Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies . Never…
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Metatron’s Cube Manual

Open Eye Meditation on Sacred Geometry Specifically on Metatron’s Cube. Meaning you do some of  these meditations with your eyes open, not closed! Throughout all the metaphysical literature available in books, on the internet and at seminars, information on open-eyed meditation using sacred geometry is extremely scarce, if at all available. It is one of…
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the pink rose

Angelic Mastery Codes I and II

Angelic Mastery I and II: “We welcome you to reclaim and utilize the gifts, power and mastery of your friends here in the high angelic  realms of love and light. Allow us to guide you, assist you, and hold the torch to light your most blessed and sacred path with the Creator. Together we can…
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Aligning with Source Mastery Activations

This Mastery set, will align ones’ being to the higher levels of the SOURCE/GOD frequency. Throughout ones’ evolution, more and more alignments to the higher GOD frequencies become available from the cosmos and ones’ soul, propelling one to new levels of mastery and realization of their SOURCE/GOD presence. Central Channel Clearing and Alignment with God/Source…
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as above so below

Advanced Mastery Profiles

As a divine dispensation of Grace, the Creator has created a crash course in enlightenment for masters who have been promoted up to begin working on their cosmic ascension process as well as completing their planetary ascension service work.  The Creator wanted all of these sessions to be transmitted at the same time since many…
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nature is perfect

Melchizedek Robes of Mastery

“In your hearts and minds there is a faint glimmer from the past of times you have trained in my mystery schools and learned of the ways of ascension and mastery through my channeled teachings. All who are drawn to these robes have worked with me before and it is time to remember and bring…
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Enlightenment Activations meditations

Align with GOD: This session helps you to align with God/Creator. The trigger word for this after ordering this session is”I now align with GOD” and used whenever you need to. Antahkarana Activation: An activation from GOD to help you to build the rainbow bridge of light to connect your personality with your soul. Ascension…
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all energies are within you

Divine Blueprint, integration and activation

Divine Blueprint, integration and activation allows for lower frequencies to be released. As we bring in the higher consciousness that allows for us to reach our own ascended master consciousness. We will be able to integrate more of our ascended master consciousness. The Pleiadian star system is where we will be traveling to find assistance…
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