The fifth series is connecting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters on every level

There are many beings out there assisting us within each moment, and they want to connect to guide you even more.

We will be visiting their home planets to receive a greater understanding of their way of living and connect with them to find a greater understanding of ourselves as we see and feel their connection with us. As we are all one.

We will start with the Pleiades and from there we will be guided by the Masters and any group of beings that is out there and wants to connect with us.

Through these visits you will receive and experience many past lives and connections you have had on all planets within our universe. You will also be able to find more knowledge, power and abilities you had within those lifetimes upon other planets and bring them back with you as you become a more fully realized being within spirit within the human body upon earth.

You will find you have many more connections than you ever thought possible to each of these beings. For those who feel the connection to certain planets and races within our universe it will be an eye opener to see that you have been on many more planets than you remember at this time.

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