The first one is Accelerated Ascension

With these meditations we will get you up to speed to the energy frequency within earth and beyond.

This is a set of meditations getting you aligned with the energies of the earth and the Heart within the earth beating as one with yours.

What this does is raise the frequency of the physical body to the level of the earth and assist you in integrating higher or deeper parts within you as we are now constantly moving into newer frequencies.

Last year there were certain openings or portals where the energies were being released

Now there will be less time between all these portals as we are moving faster within the time and no time zone.

We will be having one meditations a month, to align and adjust and integrate the energies each month as they are being released each day.

This will support the activating of DNA within all light bodies allowing for a faster, almost immediate integration within the physical body.

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