Metatrons Cube open eye meditation

Open Eye Meditation on Sacred Geometry

Specifically on Metatron’s Cube.

Meaning you do some of these meditations with your eyes open, not closed!

(This will be mentioned in the guided mp3 meditation, of course you can do all of the 9 meditations with your eyes open if you choose to do so)

This is a set of 9 meditations and it includes Metatron’s Cube Manual in pdf format with images and more information about the processes connected to metatron’s Cube.  This will attune you to Metatron’s Cube and assist and guide you through the processes within the manual.

And get you on your way to connect more and more with your own spirit and get your kundalini flowing.

Throughout all the metaphysical literature available in books, on the internet and at seminars, information on open-eyed meditation using sacred geometry is extremely scarce, if at all available.

It is one of the most powerful and rapid systems of spiritual advancement that we have at our disposal, yet it IS largely ignored.

It is baffling in its simplicity of use yet encompasses many of the most guarded and complex esoteric secrets of the universe and creation.

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