The Ascension Seats, build light quotient

The Ascension Seats, strengthen your grid system, revitalize your molecules, build light quotient, accelerate your ascension

The ascension seats will help strengthen your grid system, revitalize your molecules, build light quotient, and accelerate your ascension. The Ascended Masters have given us a variety of seats to prevent boredom and to spice up our spiritual exploration.

1. The golden chamber of Melchizedek in the Universal Core.
2. Lenduce’s ashram ascension seat at the Galactic Level.
3. Ascension seat in Melchior’s ashram in the Galactic Core.
4. Ascension seat in the Solar Core in the Chamber of Helios.
5. Ascension seat in Shamballa, the home of Sanat Kumara.
6. Ascension seat on the Arcturian space craft called the “Light Synthesis Chamber”.
7. Ascension seat in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the King’s Chamber.
8. Ascension seat in Table Mountain Wyoming, called the “Atomic Accelerator”.
9. Ascension seat in Mt. Shasta.
10. Ascension seat in Telos, the underground city one mile below Mt. Shasta.
11. Ascension seat on Commander Ashtar’s ship.
12. Ascension seat in Africa in an underground UFO space craft.
13. Ascension seat in the center of the Middle Earth in Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber
14. Ascension seat in Serapis Bey’s ascension retreat in Luxor.

These fourteen ascension seats,, are truly one of the golden keys to achieving and completing your ascension. Use them as much as possible. You will immediately feel a subtle and sometimes not so subtle spiritual current running through your entire four body system.

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