The four pillars of Source, DNA anchoring of the Lightbodies

The four pillars of Source are sound wave carriers as well as light and electromagnetic wave carriers.

They are vertical pillars that cross over through the many dimensions.

Into parallel realities as well as run through the universal, galactic and cosmic consciousness.

They support our energy up to the point of ascension by building a safe house structure around us.

These pillars are also anchored into the earth and our universe itself.

To support the movement up the spiral from the so called dark ages into spiritual or golden age.

These pillars are built within the crystal frequencies and from there will be moved into the titanium frequencies.

The four pillars are anchored through the 4 elementals ( Air, Fire, Water, Earth) that make up our physical DNA.

In this way our DNA is being recoded into the titanium frequencies to support further energy anchoring of all lightbodies into the physical body

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