Advanced Lightbody Activations

These lightbody activations come in different levels.

1. Opening and Activating the Lightbodies

2. Titanium Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies

3. Electro Magnetic Field Reversal upgrade of the Light bodies

4. Merging the Lightbodies wit the Physical Bodies

5. Cosmic Rose Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies

6. Source Frequency upgrade of the Lightbodies


Never before has humanity been ready for this transition to seek the higher dimensions of reality. You have but to seek the light inside yourselves to understand your divinity and God-given right to achieve the higher realms of Ascension and evolution! This is no small task, but through devoted diligence, learning your spiritual lessons and tests, and living as examples to your Brothers and Sisters of God, you shall become teachers, leaders and Integrated Spiritual Masters in this lifetime! We give forth this wisdom from God as we, the Ascended Masters, are examples ourselves and are still growing and achieving the higher levels of Ascension. This process is not complete in your physical lifetimes on Earth. It continues to evolve into the higher realms of existence. We are honored to give you this wisdom and knowledge from God and pledge our devotion and service to humanity to help you achieve these goals of constructing your Integrated Light Body!

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