Aligning with Source Mastery Activations

This Mastery set, will align ones’ being to the higher levels of the SOURCE/GOD frequency. Throughout ones’ evolution, more and more alignments to the higher GOD frequencies become available from the cosmos and ones’ soul, propelling one to new levels of mastery and realization of their SOURCE/GOD presence.

  1. Central Channel Clearing and Alignment with God/Source
  2. Activating Your Source Antenna (etheric tuning fork to God/Source at back of crown chakra
  3. Antahkarana Activation from God/Source
  4. Heart Alignment and Attunement to the Heart of God/Source
  5. Mind Alignment and Attunement to the Mind of God Source
  6. Soul Alignment and Attunement to the Soul of God/Source
  7. Will Alignment and Attunement to the Will of God/Source
  8. Surrender to Your Divine Path
  9. God/Source Clearing of Cellular Memory
  10. God/Source Clearing of Programs in the Minds, Brains and Energetic Systems
  11. God/Source Restoration of Emotional Mastery
  12. Aligning Your Communications with the Heart and Mind of Truth
  13. God/Source Alignment to Truth
  14. God/Source Alignment to the Flow of Creation

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