03:  Soul Emergence Patterning

03:  Soul Emergence Patterning


We remove all negative beliefs, religious, cultural, societal, and family dogma from this lifetime and all lifetimes.  They appear like molecular structures above your head and create much confusion about what to believe and what is true.  After the molecular structures are broken down, individuals have experienced a sense of complete inner peace. (Part 1) Matrix Work is Part 2 of Level 2. A Matrix is an energy pattern. As we emerged from Source, we had one matrix in place, the Matrix of Self.  As we were born into different times in different incarnations, we picked up three additional matrices:  a female matrix (all the female influences we’ve ever been exposed), the male matrix (all the male influences we’ve been exposed to, and the polarity matrix (all the polarity – positive and negative – curses, hexes, etc.). Because of the addition of the male, female and polarity matrices, the Self Matrix has been unable to emerge.  The other three have overpowered the Self Matrix.  We remove the male, female and polarity matrices so the Self Matrix can strengthen – and the real “you” emerge.


This is a series of Ascension Activations for Cosmic Ascension that will greatly assist you in your path toward ascension.

We are on our way to complete cosmic ascension in this life time and the masters and all the light being, and light groups out there are assisting us in as many ways possible to do this once and for all.

Many of what we do might seem similar but do not forget that we are cramping everything needed in one lifetime as it would normally be 30 to 40 or more life times.

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