05. Ascending with a Body Mastery

05. Ascending with a Body Mastery


“There will be more individuals ascending on this planet than ever before in the history of this world and in this Universe. In the recent past, ascension candidates had the choice of selecting to ascend in their physical body or in their mayavarupa body. Those who choose the mayavarupa body ascended into their 5th dimensional body which is lighter and less dense, or physical. While in this body, hair does not grow so there is no need for haircuts or shaving. Food and sleep are no longer a necessity as one lives off of light to sustain their body and energetic systems. Those who ascended in a physical body, raised the vibration of their physical body to physical perfection and received a miracle healing, and began to operate from the perfected human form as the Creator intended it. As with everything, there is choice. Some of you may choose to ascend in your physical bodies so that you can still enjoy eating food and cutting your hair, so that you are able to integrate into society without appearing different. These mastery sequences are for those choosing to ascend in their physical vehicles.”


It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these Ascended Masters Mastery Activations. These mastery sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual’s lifetime. As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their god self will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator. These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

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