06. Babaji’s Mastery

06. Babaji’s Mastery


“Greetings! I am Love and I am here to remind you that you are love too. Every cell of you is composed of magnificent love from the Creator that makes up your perfected blueprint for your human form. I will assist you in awakening this gift with in your being so that you can reclaim your birthright, activate your GOD DNA, and be propelled in your divine mastery and service mission for the light and the highest good of all. Once you accept these mastery sequences I will be your personal guide to assist you in the completion of your mission here on earth. My love will light the way, support you and guide you in your magnificence that you are!”


It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these Ascended Masters Mastery Activations. These mastery sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual’s lifetime. As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their god self will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator. These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

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