11. El Morya Mastery

11. El Morya Mastery


“My friends and dear loved ones, feel the love that I am emanating from my heart to yours. You are not alone on your journey. You have much assistance and guidance from us beloved servants of GOD. Ask and you shall receive the bountiful love and healing that GOD has for each and every one of you. Feel the purple ray of wisdom, clarity and divinity lovingly fill you, raising you to higher levels of your mastery, brining you closer to the divinity that awaits to be remembered and activated within you. This is my gift to you. With Love and light of the high heavens,”


It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these Ascended Masters Mastery Activations. These mastery sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual’s lifetime. As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their god self will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator. These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

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