11:  State of Oneness

11:  State of Oneness


The State of Oneness is a point where you have reached true balance; where you can be nonjudgmental, but yet compassionate; where you can model this behavior without saying a word. This work brings the lower vibration of the physical body up to the higher vibration of the higher self.  You are vibrating all together, all parts of you are “in sync,” that moment of pure bliss, of pure balance, that moment when all is well, all is peaceful.  The moment in your life when all you’re outer worlds of you have aligned with your inner worlds.  This is the state of oneness.


This is a series of Ascension Activations for Cosmic Ascension that will greatly assist you in your path toward ascension.

We are on our way to complete cosmic ascension in this life time and the masters and all the light being, and light groups out there are assisting us in as many ways possible to do this once and for all.

Many of what we do might seem similar but do not forget that we are cramping everything needed in one lifetime as it would normally be 30 to 40 or more life times.

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