16. Golden Alchemy & Elixirs of GOD Mastery

16. Golden Alchemy & Elixirs of GOD Mastery


Alchemy is the transformation of self in the realization of the GOD within us. Alchemy is the path to knowing the true self. It is the transformation and transmutation of the lower base energies so that one can tap into the higher frequencies of the cosmos, of love and of self-mastery. The elixirs of GOD are divine elixirs of love and light that infuse our being to transform even more density and negativity, leaving behind a magnificent brilliant cleansed aura and soul. These Mastery Sequences will assist one by providing deep levels of clearing, allowing the individual to tap into more of their light and soul essence in their progression to mastery.


The Activations for Ascension sessions are the next level of the Ascension Mastery Activations that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves.

The following Activations for Ascension sessions are all about connecting to one’s GOD presence within.

Bringing that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression.

As we do this, it anchors this high blissful energy to this world.

These Activations for Ascension are a part of GOD’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the GOD within.

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