27. Saint Germain Mastery

27. Saint Germain Mastery


“Let me share with you the gift of alchemy and transformation! We will transform your lower vibrational or negative emotions and raise them to the vibration of your soul. We will spiritualize your less desirable emotions to raise you to new levels of being, to new levels of mastery, to new levels of expression that comes from your soul. Energetic filters will be permanently placed in specific locations in your auric fields to purify and spiritualize all that you send out to others and all that you receive from others, empowering each energetic interaction to come from higher levels of light and love.”


It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these Ascended Masters Mastery Activations. These mastery sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual’s lifetime. As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their god self will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator. These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

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