31. Pure Essence and Innocent Beingness of GOD Mastery

31. Pure Essence and Innocent Beingness of GOD Mastery


One of the main reasons why adults love to watch and hold babies is that infants embody their true essence, innocence and pristine purity – which enable them to hold and radiate a very high and refined level of unconditional love and acceptance that adults rarely receive from their peers. The true essence of any being is love and only love – all else is illusion. Just holding a baby helps you to recall on the cellular level your original nature of innocence and pure connection to Spirit. This transmission helps you to strip away the many layers and levels of programming and learned behavior so that you may become more the babies you love to hold.


The Activations for Ascension sessions are the next level of the Ascension Mastery Activations that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves.

The following Activations for Ascension sessions are all about connecting to one’s GOD presence within.

Bringing that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression.

As we do this, it anchors this high blissful energy to this world.

These Activations for Ascension are a part of GOD’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the GOD within.

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