36. Sacred Names and Virtues of GOD Mastery

36. Sacred Names and Virtues of GOD Mastery


Over the course of history there have been a multitude of civilizations established on Earth and each of them had different names for the energy of Source – and each of these names had specific attributes or a series of vibrations tones encoded into the vibration of the name. Each of these names was channeled from Father/Mother GOD and often the name was selected to help anchor certain vibrations on the planet during the time of those civilizations. Many of you as well originate from many star systems which also have many names for God and many different spiritual attributes as well. This transmission helps you to embody the energies, frequencies and vibrations of the names of GOD that are most aligned with your soul purpose and sacred service contracts with the Creator.


The Activations for Ascension sessions are the next level of the Ascension Mastery Activations that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves.

The following Activations for Ascension sessions are all about connecting to one’s GOD presence within.

Bringing that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression.

As we do this, it anchors this high blissful energy to this world.

These Activations for Ascension are a part of GOD’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the GOD within.

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