04. Archetypes, Harmonics and Laws of GOD Mastery

04. Archetypes, Harmonics and Laws of GOD Mastery


These Mastery Sequences will provide one with the mastery of archetypes needed for one’s evolution and self-realization as GOD. Your being will be infused with harmonic frequencies of the highest caliber to shift your energetic beingness into alignment, balance and harmony. This will provide numerous opportunities to know and feel what balance and alignment to one’s magnificence is all about. The balancing of the archetypes comes when one moves one degree to the left or right of this balance creating the forum for self-alignment, self-correction and mastery. The tools needed for this is all self contained with in the Mastery Sequences. These Mastery Sequences will propel you into higher levels of your awareness and greatness that would equate to 50+ lifetime’s worth of work.


The Activations for Ascension sessions are the next level of the Ascension Mastery Activations that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves.

The following Activations for Ascension sessions are all about connecting to one’s GOD presence within.

Bringing that energy or force through our vehicle for its divine expression.

As we do this, it anchors this high blissful energy to this world.

These Activations for Ascension are a part of GOD’s plan to assist us with our evolution and mastery of the GOD within.

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