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April 24 Nephilim Removal

On April 24, 2024, at 10 pm EST we will work on NEPHILLIM REMOVAL

As part of the Creation of the Game of Separation, each human has an extra consciousness embodied in addition to the human soul. Its purpose is to hold the illusion of being separate and disconnected from Divinity. It is wrapped around the spinal column and will often create back pain and headaches when you hit a threshold of awakening. It creates a very strong feeling of resistance in your consciousness.

The removal procedure involves dissolving the contract between the Nephilim consciousness and your soul. We do this by performing two vow breaks. The vows are specific to you.

Once the vows are released, the Nephilim consciousness is removed. This creates the space for more of your Higher Self to embody. You may experience a great sense of relief and freedom, coupled with greater awareness and connection.

$ 29.00

You can register hereYou can register here

On May 8, 2024, at 10 pm EST we will work on MATRIX VOW BREAKS
Many vows are taken at a soul level over several incarnations which can create limitation and a feeling of being blocked in this current incarnation. A Matrix Vow Break is where we channel or tune into this energy and clear it, resulting in a freeing of your energy.
$ 29.00
You can register here

On June 12, 2024, at 10 pm EST we will work on ENERGETIC IMPRINTING REABSORBTION
Do you feel a need to clear or break damaging karmic relationships with ex-partners, ex-friends, work colleagues, parents, and children or just people you meet. It doesn’t matter how long you interact, everything has an energetic impact?
This technique dissolves the energetic imprinting within your fields from these individuals using Light Body Integration, vow breaking processes, DNA surgery techniques to
Dissolve each aspect of the imprinting individual’s soul contract energy from your fields
Cleanse or break the associated soul contract linkage with the imprinting individual to have either a more transpersonal relationship with them or to disconnect from them completely at an energetic level
To free you of the intensity of their influence.
$ 29.00
You can register here


All our workshops are done through conference call.
If you cannot be present on the Call we will send you an MP3 recording by email.
The recording contains all energies that are present during the original call.
The workshops will be available to order after the workshops have been completed and wil be available for direct download.
Once you have registered for a workshop please download the file. This will have the conference call number and access code. 


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J-Seal Removal
on sale now $99.00

Order Your J-seal removal here

The removal of Jehovian Seals or J-Seals removal has been an especially important part of my work. These removals were an experience by itself for me and the participants.

By doing this we restore the human body back to the way it was in Lemurian times, this allows for the original 12 D divine blueprint and many of our strands of DNA to come fully into action when they are being activated.

There is much that can be said about these J-seals, my experience is that these seals prevent you from fully allowing yourself to move into the higher dimensions and anchor the higher dimensional energies within you.

Order Your J-seal removal hereRead everything there is to know about J-seals and how they effect you.

Now available in our store.

Energetically charged for your spiritual needs at this moment.
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Everything you need for Spiritual Awakening and becoming your True/Real Self.

Start the Journey of exploring all that you are and find abundance in every part of your life.


But of course, following your own guidance is most welcome. If you have no idea where to start you can always email me through the contact us button on top of the page

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The Secrets to Awakening Finding your Spiritual Self

There are really no secrets.

Awakening to your Spiritual Self is the path of going within to find your True Self and become that Spiritual Being living in a physical reality.-

I have been teaching the path of Awakening or as some call it the path of Ascension for a long time.

I myself have been on the path for as long as I can remember.


Everything in our Lightworker Store is the Path I have followed and the Path I have been teaching.

Levels of awakening

You can be at any level to take advantage of what I have learned on my path. Guided by the Ascended Masters and many more beings of light.

Ascension or not

It doesnt matter if you want to go for ascension or just follow your life path of awakening to your inner Self.

You are at the wheel

You are the one making decisions on your Life Path. You are at wheel of your Awakening to find your True Inner Self and Your Path.

What Level are you at?

There really are no levels as I see it, or people being more advanced or less advanced.

Each person has their own Path.

Either you are just awakening or you have been for some time.

No matter where you are, following your own  Path is what is important.

Lightworker Store
You can choose

Use the guided meditations 
Or have the activations, initiations, clearings long Distance
Or both 

All our meditations are guided meditations from the original conference call. They are infused with all the energies needed to complete the process.
Of course, the outcome is different for each person depending upon where they are in their journey.

Almost all our meditations are in mp3 format and downloadable, some are done only long distance and this will be in the description.
If you would like to have any of the activations done energetically, long distance instead of using the provided mp3 guided meditation, just contact me.


Our Work

Ascended Masters World and Lightworker Store is here for you, as a resource on
your personal spiritual path and journey.

Working in communication with the Ascended Masters and Source, we offer specific spiritual activations, clearings, and more, which the Ascended Masters have explained and shown to be pivotal in spiritual progress.

Since you are already a spiritual being also having a physical experience, incarnation, you already are all that. So, the masters say that all that has to be done now, at this time, then, is the connection, the connecting, building those energetic pathways which allow your spirit to flow in to you, and to feel that you as well are flowing in to your spirit.

feel the energy of nature

Every procedure or whatever it may be called, creates a change in the energetic design and/or function of the body, brain, and light bodies, which allows a noticeable improvement in feeling, in spiritual feeling, in experience of the light.

This is the focus of our work, and this is the principle that the Ascended Masters are maintaining behind the work. Everything that we are offering to you, the masters have attested to, and we have seen ourselves, actually on ourselves first, and with many others now, that energetic designs and systems within our human body have been changed..

Join us! Start your Spiritual Journey!


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say:

J-Seal Removal

Thank you very much. I feel really good, and my eye allergies have completely disappeared. Maybe it was the implant u found behind the right eye. But I feel much clearer and present in my body. Less irritability, clearer toward other people. Not confused nearly as much about the world and my place in it…. though I am not saying I have that totally clear.

Handling stress with less stress on myself. Stronger in my body with greater presence. Overall, it has been wonderful. I have told several of my patients about your work. They will of course have to decide for themselves. For some it is a leap.

The Blue Light Star attunement

The Blue Light Star attunement was everything I had thought and hoped it would be. The attunement, which came through during the meditation, was strong and clear. The divine beings who surrounded me during the attunement were gentle, kind, loving and powerful. I felt honored to see so many masters around me glowing in gold and white light — it felt both very expansive and safe.

J-Seal Removal

Thank you so much for the skill and knowledge that you brought forward last night to move through these ancient blockages. I greatly appreciate your compassion, thoroughness and willingness to go the distance! Emotional relief swept through me and I received beautiful crystal clear diamond light surrounding me, as I seemed to float higher and higher out of my confusion and grief.

The energies have shifted significantly already and I plan to continue moving and breathing, my heart leaped at sudden recognition that has eluded me in the past. It as if aspects of myself are rejoining me now and I am strengthened, settling and receiving clarity.