Awakening and Healing, Physically and Spiritually

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Awakening and Healing, Physically and Spiritually

the river flows in your direction

After teaching for a long time, I have learned that Awakening and Healing, Physically and Spiritually is a process that takes interaction.  It is a process between our human spirit and all of us that is not within this human reality.

It requires healing of the human as well as our spiritual parts within the human and beyond our human.

We have been incarnating over and over in so many lifetimes.  This has resulted in many energy wounds not just physically but also spiritually.

At this moment, with the earth energies being so dense.  Only a very small part of our spirit being, or what some call our soul, is within this human body.

For many it is as low as about 1%.

Just imagine what you could achieve if it was 10% more or even 100%.

To achieve this a lot of Awakening and Healing, Physically and Spiritually  needs to take place.

In the human energies and body, but also within our spiritual being.  Our spiritual being also carries some wounds from previous lifetimes.  And it carries the disconnection from those parts of our soul that incarnated.

In the beginning we incarnate with much more of our spiritual or soul energies. In the beginning we also didn’t need to really fully incarnate.  Ee were able to create or assume a physical appearance.

Over time we have lost all that, due to many circumstances, but this is where we are now.

Many of us only incarnating with 1% of our soul instead of 100%. And that 1% is almost completely disconnected from the other 99%.  The spiritual reality has become so alien to us that we are stuck within this earth reality.

We’re stuck in such a way that life has become a continues play of repeating lessons and scenarios. unaware of who we really are.

We have become sheep of the control system.

Following along the path toward destruction of this earth reality. And with that destruction, we lose parts of ourselves as we get destroyed in some way as well.

You can see this earth reality as one of those glass ornaments.  you know the ones with snow in it.  When you shake them, the snow starts to spread throughout the glass ball.

This is what the control system does every now and then. We all are within that glass ball.  We feel the shaking as it takes us further down the road of non-awareness of what is outside that glass ball.

Much of our spirit being is outside of that glass ball.  Trying to awaken and reconnect, but the glass is preventing our spirit to come through. The only way to reconnect is when we break out of that glass ball and connect with our being in spirit, our soul.

Now just connection is not going to solve everything, as we have a human body. And connection might not be as easy, as the glass is very dense and does not allow for much to move through.

The glass is not really glass.

It is an energy system that controls the energies upon earth and within the earth reality. It is controlling us as humans and even controlling much of our energies within this earth reality.

You can see the human as one of those Russian dolls.  We are the smallest one and there are many dolls to be opened to break free.  To fully connect with what we truly are, a spirit being, a soul with free choice, free will.

As a human we all have our own reality, the smallest doll. Around that we have the reality of those closest to us that we are a part of. Beyond that many other realities exist that we are part of, up to the complete earth reality. We even go beyond that within spirit, where we are part of the universe and beyond.

All these Russian doll realities are control systems in some way.  The human body is one of those. We cannot change the human body at this moment.  It is riddled with so much interference.  These are from misaligned energies that have influenced the human body over millions of years.

We can however start a healing process.

This process takes place through reconnecting with all that we are in spirit. Once we shed each layer, we become more and more aligned with what we are in spirit, our soul.

This begins with the human reality.  The smallest doll, our own inner thoughts and way of being.  From there we move further to the outside of these realities.  And we slowly connect with more and more of our own energies.

At this moment we are connected into all the control energies, controlled realities.

Once we can move out of our own controlled reality.  We can start moving through more of the controlled realities that prevent us from connecting with all that we are.

Each part of our spirit energies will require awakening, healing, clearing, as it has been controlled for a long time.

This is physical and spiritual process and a very emotional process. As we go through all that we have learned and thought.  We realize how we have been influenced and manipulated to become the sheep that just follows.

The sheep that has become so disconnected from its soul, that many don’t even believe they have a soul. Many have lost the awareness of their true being, their true reality in ways that have wounded our spiritual being or soul.

All this can be healed, but it is a process that starts within each person.

It cannot be started from outside the person. Each person will have to go through the healing of each layer, reconnecting with each layer of their spiritual energies.

Each person is on a different path.  They will have to reach within themselves to reconnect. Some things still stay the same though. We can use many of the activations, clearings, and healings from the old mystery schools.  We can reach within and reconnect with our spirit, our soul.

Each person will react differently and reconnect in a different way, but the basic principles are the same.

Each person will use the activations, clearings, and healings in a different order.  I the order that is most beneficial to them.

The activations, clearings and healings are basically the same. No matter what, many will be used on each layer of the human and their parts in spirit.

What I have learned over all these years of teaching, is that many will jump around.  They will try to reach for the skies, forgetting what they are on earth. There is nothing wrong with this.  But the skies will never be fully opened unless you open each part of you, heal each part of you.

And yes that includes the part of you on earth. Each layer from your part on earth, and everything in between that part on earth. and the sky.  It must be healed, cleared and be fully active and functioning, for you to fully be what you truly are.

A spirit, a soul, spirit, or soul fully realized within this earth reality.  Connected into the full reality of being spirit, a spirit with free will and free choice.