Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid

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Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid

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Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid.

This old earth grid and yes most of you are connected to this.

The old grid is a hologram that has been syphoning off your energies and has been and still is used for control.

To send fear and other information that is being received by you and the collective human consciousness.

As you are awakening there are parts of the process of ascension that are different from planetary ascension.

Especially the part where many activations, initiations, and changes have to be done consciously.

This is part of the process of awakening. Conscious awakening.

This is what allows you to start creating the real change within the earth reality.

Importance of Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid

It is important to have a conscious experience of disconnecting yourselffrom the old earth grid.

And then if you like connect to the new earth grid.

The new earth grid is not complete as it is still being built and it does not reside within the earth anymore.

This is done for a specific reason, as the earth is ascending all energies that are not her own are to be removed.

It is the same process as it is for each human and every other being that ascends.

You cannot ascend with the energy of others within you.

Removing and Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid

Now removing yourself from the old grid, is not done by just intent or raising your frequency.

As many are still connected to the old earth grid.

Raising of the frequency can be a false experience.

The old grid will provide false experience of being lighter and within a higher dimension.

This is part of the control that is being used.

Connecting to the New Earth Grid

The same for the new earth grid, connecting to it is not done by intent.

It is done by having the correct frequency and then consciously connect yourself.

Disconnecting from the old earth grid is the first step to do this.

Without disconnecting from the old grid every part of energy work you do with the new grid will be not at the most effective energy level possible.

I know many will not believe this.

Many will go on ignoring this as it does not resonate with them.

This is your free will and your own choices that have to be made.

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