Exploring your Timelines

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Exploring your Timelines

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Time lines are created with possibilities, possibilities within creation and the Law of One.

As a time line starts it has a beginning and like the in breath and out breath it has an ending which is part of the beginning.

Like you breathe in and out as a human.

Within each in breath are the possibilities, they become manifested through the out breath.

As the time line for earth was created, changes were made along the way. One of them being the split within the timeline at the time of the explosion within the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Other changes have been made after this on your time line. As the time line was split in one for Atlantis, one for Lemuria and one for the earth as you know it know.

All three timelines belong to your earth.

Incarnations have been taking place on all three time lines and your memories that are coming forward right now are a combination of all three time lines.

Each person has their own what you might call timeline as well, this is the path you follow.

You choose your experiences and you can change your experiences at all times.

As a human being incarnated upon earth you align your timeline, your path, with that of the earth time line you are on at this moment.

Remember you chose to be here within the earth time line so it is not a limitation as you might see it from a human point of view. You decided to explore the possibilities and experiences within this earth time line.

As this is the timeline where ascension right now is one of the possibilities.

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