J-seal, Jehovian Seal removal

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J-seal, Jehovian Seal removal

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The removal of Jehovian Seals or J-Seals removal has been an especially important part of my work.  These removals were an experience by itself for me and the participants.

By doing this we restore the human body back to the way it was in Lemurian times, this allows for the original 12 D divine blueprint and many of our strands of DNA to come fully into action when they are being activated.

This allows also for a higher light integration inside the physical and energy bodies which is needed for planetary and/or cosmic ascension.

There is much that can be said about these J-seals, my experience is that these seals prevent you from fully allowing yourself to move into the higher dimensions and anchor the higher dimensional energies within you.

They can have an effect on the physical body resulting in pain in certain areas.  You can see the list below for where each seal is within the body.

The J-seals are located as follows (in most people):

  1. Top of skull on left side
  2. Heart, left lung, back of left knee
  3. Pineal gland
  4. Left side of neck and lymphatics
  5. Rear left thigh and buttocks
  6. Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder
  7. Aorta artery on left side of neck

Removing these seals, and I have done hundreds of them.  Has been very liberating for many people.  Some were completely without pain, others had many veils removed to be able to see clearer.

But the most important one has been that the energy coming from your own being starts to flow through you in a greater amount.

This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

I would suggest that after you have these seals removed, get a Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment as well.

This will allow for the full amount of your being to start flowing.

It will repair all axiatonal energy lines within the physical and spiritual bodies that are active at this moment.


This is a long distance removal and I will contact you for the time and date.