Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension

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Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension

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There is a Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension Planetary Ascension and one that is part of Cosmic Ascension.

Let us start with Planetary Ascension which at this moment in time many will go through either before or as the earth ascends.

With Planetary Ascension the chakras will be fully clear, all 7 within the physical body and 5 above the physical body.

It does not matter in what order you clear these chakras.

One part that is important is that each chakra has a threefold flame within it.

Although they are mostly not activated and cannot be activated at times.  There is a need to make sure you have all three crystals within the chakras.

Each chakra has three crystals, love, power and wisdom.

Many have placed the threefold flame within their heart chakra. All three crystals are needed to have the threefold flame active at its fullest capacity

Once all three crystals are within each chakra, there will be a threefold flame within each chakra.

Once the three fold flame is active within each chakra, the flames will merge and a golden flame will remain.  Becoming the connection between all chakras

As a human you might have given for example your power crystal to another person, either in this life time or in a previous life time.

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation with someone where the attraction is so great.  Your will to even fight against it is gone. This sometimes happens when someone holds your love crystal.

The same for wisdom, as you might follow someone blindly at times and think all they say is the truth. You could have either given your wisdom crystal to this person, or this person has taken the wisdom crystal.

You have 7 chakras within the physical body and there are three crystals within each chakra representing love, power and wisdom.

So you could have given away a crystal out of any of them, and sometimes others will take them away.

This is something that most people do not realize consciously.

Even the ones that take them do not always realize this consciously.

This because many of you are not fully aware about what is happening within the energies.  And you are not always able to see what is happening.

Another fact is that not much is known about these crystals. Much of the information about the chakras is basic and does not really relate to the spiritual reality.

Another important part is to clear all light bodies connected to the physical body.

Once these bodies are fully cleared and the chakras are clear.  You are ready to bring in the chakras 8 through 12, the 5 that are above the physical body.

Many think the light bodies are connected to the chakras, this is a misunderstanding. There are similar types of energy centers within the spiritual bodies. Once the spiritual bodies are clear.  These energy centers are what allows the energy bodies to merge more with the physical body.

Meaning the will be more in alignment with each other.  More in alignment with the energies and frequencies within the physical body. This allows for a faster adjustment of the physical body to the 5th dimensional frequencies.

The heart chakra is very important as it is within the heart center. The heart center is different from the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is an energy center where experiences related to emotions and feelings are being stored.

It is very important to clear this chakra as it is a portal into the heart center.

Some talk about a unified chakra as the chakras are all clear and fully open and spinning to its fullest ability.

The unified chakra is not a specific chakra.  When chakra 8 through 12 are being brought into the physical body.  They can be fully aligned with all other chakras.  Alignment, means all chakras spinning at the same frequency is what we call the unified chakra.

The chakras 8 through 12 will either just move down and push down the other chakras.  Or they find a place in between the other chakras.  Or they will merge with some of the chakras already there (1 through 7).

The 12th chakra will become the crown chakra.

It will usually merge with the 7th chakra and it can become the lotus once you bring in the pearl.

The unified chakra is all chakras spinning in full alignment with each other.  There is a connection tube running in between each chakra to make them spin in a unified frequency.

Another thing that is usually needed is a connection to the Higher Self.  Bringing in the Higher Self into the physical body.

At this point in time this step is being skipped for most of you.  As there is a need to have you finish Planetary Ascension preferably before the ascension of the earth.

This to make the transition into the 5th dimensional reality a bit easier.

As we are coming closer and closer to the ascension point.  We have been granted some exceptions and this is one of them. This because the energies around the earth are already lifting most of you up into the 5th dimensional frequencies.

For all of those who have not finished the Planetary Ascension before the ascension of the earth.  Depending upon where they are within the process, will finish the Planetary Ascension process during the ascension of the earth.  Or shortly thereafter when everyone has been moved onto the new earth.

The new earth will reside in the 5th dimensional frequency.

The information about Planetary Ascension will be readily available as their will be many teachers for this on the new earth.

The Planetary Ascension means that you are ready. Ready to move toward as we call it Cosmic Ascension, the path of the Ascended Masters.

Some of you have already been working on parts of the Cosmic Ascension process.  As some of you have already completed Planetary Ascension once in a previous life time.  You have already spent some lifetimes working on the Cosmic Ascension Process.

Many of you have been working on Planetary Ascension in previous lifetimes.  you are here to finish the Planetary Ascension process through the ascension of the earth into the 5th dimension.

This completes the explanation about Planetary Ascension.

We will discuss the process of Cosmic Ascension separately.  As it involves more than just light bodies.

You can ask why do you have to do these processes all over again?

This is because each time you incarnate, you start fresh and once you awaken you awaken the parts within you that have already been completed.

At that moment it becomes easier to complete the process.  You already know what is needed to do these processes in the most efficient way possible.

For those that awaken and have not yet reached the state of remembrance needed.  Help is available through others.

There are some upon earth who we would call the way showers.  They have taken it upon them to bring down the memories and actually go through the processes fully physically and spiritually.

This allows them to take you through the process in the most efficient way.  Even though many of you have awakened, not all of you are at the level of full remembrance of the process.

These energy workers are able to see the chakras and energy bodies.

They can see what is still needed as well as they can facilitate or initiate the process of completing Planetary Ascension within you.

As always look for the guidance within as this is where you will find all that is needed within every moment.

One thing that is not mentioned in this message but can be a physical side effect.  As you are opening your heart center more you might experience some heart arrhythmia. This should only be for a short time unless you go further into Cosmic Ascension.

As well as some joint pain and muscle pain is experienced.  The overall feeling for most is just being tired while working on the process.

It does depend on how you do the process.

My experience is that if you can fully remember and can do the process in a short amount of time.  There will be less of an effect on the physical body. You mostly will feel tired and then feel the raise within the frequency of the physical body.

For some that choose the assistance of energy healers.  The process will have less effect usually.  Much of the physical symptoms are transmuted by the energy healer.  This person has already gone through the process physically and is able to take on the energies that way.