Melchizedek Robes of Mastery

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Melchizedek Robes of Mastery

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“In your hearts and minds there is a faint glimmer from the past of times you have trained in my mystery schools and learned of the ways of ascension and mastery through my channeled teachings. All who are drawn to these robes have worked with me before and it is time to remember and bring that knowledge forth for the new dawn of your ascension in this current life. It is my honor to offer you the sacred robes of initiation as consecrated by the Creator to help you clear all that holds you back from your mastery and to reclaim the power of your spirit to be the magnificence that you truly are.”

The following Robes of Mastery are magnificent spectrums of brilliant colored rays that are permanently placed in one’s energetic fields to provide protection, enlightenment, empowerment and wisdom for mastery and ascension. Each robe represents a level of mastery that in the past, took months and sometimes years for an initiate to earn. In this special dispensation from Lord Melchizedek, he will empower you with all 20 initiatory levels to propel you forward in a grand leap in your ascension process.

  1. Yellow Robe – Initiation into Wisdom
  2. Red Robe – Initiation into Passion and Devotion to God
  3. Royal Blue Robe – Initiation for Higher Wisdom
  4. Magenta Robe – Initiation for Higher Love
  5. Violet Robe – Initiation for Higher Protection
  6. Indigo Robe – Initiation to Access Sacred Texts and Wisdom of the Ages
  7. Turquoise Robe – Initiation to Bring Higher Spiritual Concepts into Physical Reality
  8. Gold Robe – Initiation for Non-Interference
  9. Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation to Purify Thoughts
  10. White with Rainbow Iridescence Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Frequencies of Mastery
  11. Pink Golden Robe – Initiation for Purity of Heart, Mind and Soul
  12. Yellow with White Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Alignment with Universal Wisdom
  13. Green with Blue Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Self
  14. Magenta with Indigo Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Omniscience
  15. Lime Green with Yellow Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Heart
  16. Orange with Gold Flecks Robe – Attunement to Experience Higher Vibrations of Love
  17. Sea Blue/Green with Silver Iridescence Robe – Initiation to Balance Mind and Heart
  18. Magenta with Orange Iridescence Robe – Initiation to align heart and mind with GOD
  19. Platinum, Silver and Gold Robe with Crown – Initiation for Universal Mastery and Service Work
  20. Rose Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Mastery of the Heart

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