Metatrons Cube

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Metatrons Cube

waterfalls he energy of clearing

Throughout all the metaphysical literature available in books, on the internet , information on the open eyed meditation using sacred geometry is extremely scarce if at all available.

It is one of the most powerful and rapid systems of spiritual advanced that we have at our disposal, yet it is largely ignored.

It is baffling in its simplicity of use, but encompasses many of the most guarded and complex esoteric secrets of the universe and creation.

5 planetary attunements

10 sephiras of the tree of life empowered with esoteric properties attuned. This part of the workshop is very powerful and rare

Ancient of Days Empowerment

Metatron’s Sigil on the Rose Cross Empowered

Metatron Initiation

Special Metatron Heart Attunement.

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