The Akashic records are like the DNA of the universe

Awaken to Your Inner Self

The Akashic records are like the DNA of the universe

the dark is part of the light

The Akashic records are like the DNA of the universe.

They are the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the Akashic records. Each soul has its own Akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys.

They way we receive information from the Akashic Records is in encoded Light language.

Which is Sacred geometry of words encoded in fire, so learning how to interpret the information is crucial.

We start learning to use our inner senses to give words and interpretation to what we receive; we also start getting fine-tuned to this new energy.

The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return.

At the time we make the decision to experience Life as an independent entity, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by that experience.

That field of energy is the Akashic Records.

By opening the Akashic Records we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another).

The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future in to the “now”.

By accessing the Akashic records, we can identify and release anything that we have created, that has become a block to our present realization of our oneness with God.

‘We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of re action.

The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separate from God/Spirit/Source.

It is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today, to help us remember our oneness with God/Spirit/Source


1. Akashic records connecting with record keeper

This class is offered to enable YOU to experience the life transforming process of accessing your own Akashic Records: Acquiring a tool that will forever be a source of profoundly illuminating growth, insight and guidance.

You begin to perceive the internal archives of deep wisdom within your own Soul in a way that is distinctive and unique for you.

You begin to establish a relationship with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who are the Record Keepers.

2. Akashic records clearing and alignment

Deepen your personal growth and enrich your experience.

Strengthen your abilities reaching more deeply in your own inner realms of the Akashic Records and connects you deeply to your relationship with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

Prerequisite: 1. Akashic records connecting with record keeper

3. Akashic records asking questions

Discover and expand the gifts you bring to the world by living with the awareness of how Spirit energizes your abilities coming from your Soul.

Delve into yourself to discover why you feel and behave the way you do.

Discern your authentic core and release the programmed and mechanical responses that no longer serve your true essence, your actions or the life you want to live.

Refine the art of questionings.

Reach new planes of development in a harmonious, balanced yet dynamic way.

Prerequisites: 1 and 2

4. Akashic records, earth records questions

Prerequisites: 1, 2 and 3

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