Abundance, Prosperity and Success

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Abundance, Prosperity and Success

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Abundance, Prosperity and Success can be seen in so many ways.

And I have come to realize that it is not the money that is making me happy.

It is the fact that the universe is supporting me.  Allowing me to release this attachment to money.

And to many other things that seem so important in a 3rd dimensional world.

They are in fact crutches holding me back.

Abundance with my family, knowing we have a place to live that makes us happy.

My daughter who is running through the stores, playing with the people that work there.

Her actions and reactions, her love and so many other things.

Yes money is still needed.

But not much as we move further into a world where the sharing and giving is becoming more important.

Seeing the New World

How does everyone see the new world, the world being created, the place many call heaven on earth.

What do we think is going to be different there?

The sharing and giving is one of the things that is going to be the most important part of this new world.

People doing what they love to do and sharing it with others.

One might love to be a farmer, the other one just loves to make clothes, the other one loves to build.

By giving and sharing.

The person that farms is able to give food to the one that makes clothes.  The one that makes clothes might give them to the builder that needs them. The builder will come to the farmer and build something or do a repair.

All without any money involved.


This would be the ideal for many. I don’t know if it will be like that, if we can really leave money out of it in this scenario.

But my hope is that it will be a more balanced use of the money.

As I see everything as a balance within the energies, two opposing sides balancing each other out.

I don’t know the plan of the universe.

The energies that influence the plan and the creation that is still being created as you read this right now.

The universe is ever evolving, always creating as we are constantly creating with it.

But jf this is what we want for the new world, why don’t we start creating it in this world.

The focus on abundance for you and others

I see so many people, just focusing on themselves, wanting to receive the abundance for themselves.

They will share once they have the abundance.

The quotes make it very clear to me.

Abundance is something you will not be able to receive until you give from an abundant heart.

Everything I have learned and experienced confirms it for me.

Limiting yourself

You are limiting yourself in so many ways when you say I will share my abundance when I have abundance myself.

This seems to be one of the reasons so many are not yet receiving financial abundance.

As they are limiting themselves, wanting so many things, but saying I cannot afford this.

If I do this I won’t have any money left for this. I will gift some money when I have more money.

I have learned that even when I give away the last little penny of the money I have, and I do this many times.

It doesn’t mean I will not have money, it doesn’t mean I won’t have food.

I still have a place to live.

What is it I really need?

It’s not much.

Abundance comes in so many forms.


1. Abundance and Prosperity Encoding

This session helps you to encode and imprint your energy bodies, fields, parts and particles with the frequencies of abundance and prosperity.

2. Abundance, Prosperity and Success Filter/Beacon:

Helps you to clear and re-script beliefs that block you from realizing abundance, prosperity and success.

Also filters out any less-than-love creation energies.  So you do not manifest or create anything that is not aligned to your highest good.

The beacon aspect of this powerful session helps you to magnetize things that are for your highest good to you.

3. Anger, Rage and Sadness Around Not Having Money Profile Purge

A lot of people feel either very angry or very sad that they do not have more money.  This actually gets in the way of their ability to manifest.

This session helps you to clear, heal and release old less than-love programming, genetic predispositions, triggers and patterns associated with anger and sadness around not having as much money as you would like.

Re-scripts a lot of childhood programming that planted the seeds for this anger and sadness in this incarnation.

4. Blasting Financial Neediness

Purpose of this profile is to clear and blast any less than love interference with money and abundance flows.

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