Planetary Abundance Grid alignment

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Planetary Abundance Grid alignment

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Planetary Abundance Grid alignment is something we can do at this time.

To receive abundance in every part of our life, physically and spiritually.

The light that carries you beyond your imagination is ever present within your coding.

And this has been there since the beginning of time.

There have been experiences you may have encountered during your incarnation.

The codings

Which has dimmed this light and deactivated the coding that creates abundance within your bodies.

And at times it has damaged the coding due to mis-use of power and loss of power.

Through these sessions, your coding will be repaired, resequensed and finally activated.

This is a powerful time where Grace has stepped in to create opportunites.

Opportunities for humanity to return to co-creating abundance and remembering gratitude.

The Planetary Abundance Grid Alignment and Activation sessions

The Planetary Abundance Grid Alignment and Activation sessions are powerful sequences.

They will clear, repair and activate your four body system and the coding within your four body system.

Abundance comes in many forms not just money, abundance of opportunities.

Love, friendship to name a few are also facets of the abundance we can create on planet earth.

When we are aligned with the Planetary Abundance.

The Planet is abundant unlimitedly, she creates an abundance of food and water.

When we are connected with her grid of abundance we begin to co-create the unlimited abundance she continuously creates
for all life forms on earth.


Scans your Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Spiritual Bodies for all contracts, vows, oaths and promises.

Which block you from activating your codes and releases them.

A cleansing and purification takes place for your four body system.

To clear out everything and anything blocking you from activating your codes of abundance and activation.

Its an extremely powerful purification and clearing session.

You also receive an upgrade after the purification and cleansing is complete which will prepare you for level 2.


Scans your four body system and begins repairing your coding.

If there are codings which are beyond repair they will be replaced.

This is an extensive session which will leave you feeling very strong, even your energy field will feel a lot stronger.

The coding is also resequenced and reconnected to perfection.


Activates the coding that was repaired and resequenced in Level 2.

After this is complete the Planetary Abundance Grid Alignment and Activation will take place for you.

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