Angelic Mastery Codes I and II

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Angelic Mastery Codes I and II

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Angelic Mastery I and II: “We welcome you to reclaim and utilize the gifts, power and mastery of your friends here in the high angelic  realms of love and light. Allow us to guide you, assist you, and hold the torch to light your most blessed and sacred path with the Creator. Together we can master all, together we can conquer all, as in heaven, as in earth, to bring the love, light and illumination of heaven to this planet that has been held for so long in darkness. Awaken your contracts with GOD and spread your angel wings of love and light for the upliftment and empowerment of all!”

Archangel Metatron & The Angelic Councils of Love

Angelic Mastery I

  1. Activating Your Angelic Wings of Service – Activation to assist each sentient being in becoming a pure channel for the
    angels of light to work with and through. Helps people to bring the angels into their service work and plan and path with the Creator.
  2. Angelic Rainbow Blessing – An angelic blessing that purifies each being’s energy fields so that they may work
    more closely with the angelic kingdom and councils of love.
  3. Seeding of Angelic Keys of Mastery – Awakening of spiritual gifts that are aligned with your world service and
    especially your world service work that you contracted to do with the angelic realms.
  4. Angelic Recalibration for World Service – An alignment from the angelic kingdom and Councils of Love to assist you
    in identifying and fulfilling your world service, mastery path and plan with the Creator.
  5. Angelic Keys of Enoch – Download of the angelic version of the Keys of Enoch which are keys for enlightenment
    and fire letter code sequences maintained in pristine integrity by the angelic kingdom.
  6. Angelic Compassion – An activation from the angelic councils of love and kingdom to awaken compassion.
  7. Solar Angel Healing – A healing and clearing of your four lower bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) from the
    Solar Angel.
  8. Connection to the Eternal I AM – An activation from the angelic councils of love and kingdom to assist you to connect with the
    I AM presence within you.
  9. Gifts from the Angelic Councils of Love – Angelic activation and downpouring of spiritual gifts and blessings from the angelic
    realm to each being.
  10. Angelic Grid Alignment – Aligns each being with the angelic grids for ascension.
  11. Angelic Alignment with the Divine Flow of Creation – Angelic alignment to the energies of divine flow. Helps all of your
    endeavors and projects to be aligned with the divine flow of creation energy.
  12. Peace on Earth – Enables each being to act as an angelic channel for peace on earth. Helps to anchor peace on earth into
    the planetary grids.
  13. Tree of Life Activation – Opens up the angelic centers for higher awareness and consciousness within the etheric body.
  14. Keys to Ascension of the Heart – Golden keys to awaken the merkaba of light and love located within the heart. Angelic
    upgrade for the heart.
  15. Keys to Ascension of the Mind – Keys to help each being to connect their mind with the Mind of the Creator. Angelic
    upgrades for the minds and brains.
  16. Angelic Scan and Restoration – Angelic scan of each being’s energy fields and a restoration and recalibration back to the
    divine ideal blueprint and template.
  17. Opening Angelic Chambers of the Heart – A gentle session to open up the angelic chambers of love within each
    being’s heart center.
  18. Angelic Lotus Activation – Opens the lotus within the heart so that the mind, body and spirit may be integrated through the heart.
  19. Michael’s Blue Ray – A blasting session from Archangel Michael to clear out cords, attachments and entities – anything
    and everything that is not aligned to each being’s mastery path and plan with the Creator.
  20. Raphael’s Emerald Ray – In this session, Archangel Raphael scans your physical body for imbalances and transmits the emerald
    green ray to clear and heal them.
  21. Gabriel’s Gold Ray – In this session, Archangel Gabriel scans your twelve bodies and applies the gold ray to heal, clear and
    release less-than-love energies lodged within your energetic systems. This ray clears out the denser vibrations.
  22. Metatron’s Platinum Ray- In this session, Metatron scans your twelve bodies and applies the gold ray to heal, clear and
    release less-than-love energies lodged within your energetic systems. This ray clears out the finer level dense vibrations.

Angelic Mastery II (Prerequisite is Angelic Mastery I)

  1. Angelic Restoration of the Energetic Spaces – Angelic dispensation of grace to help each sentient being to
    heal and clear the energetic spaces and regions of their total beingness. Heals the damage done by brokenness
    and separation.
  2. Angelic Restoration of the Divine Heart – Restores heart to the divine templates and blueprints for the divine
    ideal for the heart.
  3. Angelic Restoration of the Divine Mind – Restores the minds and brains to the divine templates and the divine
    ideal for the minds and brains.
  4. Restoring the Cords of Love – Angelic dispensation of grace to help each sentient being to restore all of the
    cords of love anchoring the soul to Source and to the Creator.
  5. Clearing Addictions at the Soul Level – Clears addictive and obsessive behavior at the soul level.
    Goes after the weaknesses, genetics, entities and implants and the energetic anchors for addictive behavior
    and programming.
  6. Rainbow Light Purification – Realigns and purifies each being’s energy bodies, parts and particles.
  7. Restoration of Your Soul Matrix – After lifetimes of living in lower dimension worlds like Earth, often your soul
    matrix gets pretty tattered. This angelic activation helps restore your soul matrix back to the divine blueprints
    and pristine nature it originally had.
  8. Seeding Love and Light – Angelic dispensation of grace to help beings achieve emotional mastery by seeding
    light and love packets at the soul level.
  9. Seeding Divine Knowledge – Plants gifts of divine knowledge to assist one’s soul in it s evolutionary cycle to reach
    the highest level of ideas and probabilities that will propel the soul forward in its evolution with the Creator.
  10. Seeding of Compassion and Forgiveness – Heals old and new soul wounds to assist souls to return back to a state
    of divine perfection.
  11. Divine Mother Blessing – The Divine Mother steps forward to water, nurture, nourish and protect the angelic
    seeds to make sure that they grow.
  12. Angelic Monadic Defrag – Angelic scan and purging of everything at the monadic level that holds you back
    from achieving your full potential and moving into mastery.
  13. Monadic Reformatting – The angels utilize the platinum energy ray frequencies to upgrade and reformat
    the monad for ascension.
  14. Angelic Monadic Alignment – Aligns monad to Creator and Source. Restores to the monad the original
    alignment it had with the Creator from the beginning.
  15. Restoration of Your Ascension Blueprint with the Creator – Receive the Language of Light templates
    and scrolls from the Creator for your monad’s original ascension blueprints.
  16. Monadic Clearing and Anchoring – Preparation for the axiatonal alignment. Disconnects your monad
    from energy fields that are not aligned with your monad’s highest good at this time.
  17. Monadic Axiatonal Alignment – Connects your monad with the stars, planets and solar systems that support
    mastery for your entire monadic group.
  18. Monadic Expansion – Spiritual dispensation of grace from the Creator for your monad to enhance the
    amount of love, light and mastery frequencies that your monad can access.
  19. Monadic Cleansing and Purification – A cleansing and purification process to assist with the multiverse
    axiatonal alignment.
  20. Multiverse Monadic Expansion and Axiatonal Alignment – Helps your monad connect with the
    multiverse level and realigns and recalibrates the energy fields for the monadic group so that they
    can experience this.
  21. Temple of Higher Knowledge – Download of light and love packets of higher dimension wisdom that can
    assist your monad to view things from a grander perspective that is more aligned with Source.

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