Metatron’s Cube Manual

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Metatron’s Cube Manual

Open Eye Meditation on Sacred Geometry

Specifically on Metatron’s Cube.

Meaning you do some of  these meditations with your eyes open, not closed!

Throughout all the metaphysical literature available in books, on the internet and at seminars, information on open-eyed meditation using sacred geometry is extremely scarce, if at all available.

It is one of the most powerful and rapid systems of spiritual advancement that we have at our disposal, yet it IS largely ignored.

It is baffling in its simplicity of use yet encompasses many of the most guarded and complex esoteric secrets of the universe and creation.

Partial Workshop Outline

5 Planetary attunements

10 Sephira’s of the Tree of Life Empowered with esoteric properties attuned. This part of the Workshop is immensely powerful and rare.

Ancient Of Days Empowerment

Metatron’s Sigil on The Rose Cross Empowered.

We have created a set of 9 meditations and it includes Metatron’s Cube Manual in pdf format with images and more information about the processes connected to metatron’s Cube.  This will attune you to Metatron’s Cube and assist and guide you through the processes within the manual.Just click on Metatron’s cube.


What Is the Point of It All?

True Sovereignty and Absolute Balance. The sovereignty most people are familiar with has to do with avoiding taxes and basically becoming a nation unto oneself.

True sovereignty is the re-establishment of our divine origins, freeing one to follow spirit without hesitation. It is being protected from the center of the earth up into infinity.

It is freedom from interference, incarnate and discarnate, of one’s energy field, and freedom from the damage done to our bodies by those beings who blatantly violate our free will.

Mankind’s Latest Fall.

Before mankind’s latest fall, as told in the story of the archetypal Adam and Eve, humankind knew of its Divine Heritage; we understood that our Parents were the greatest landholders in the universe, and that we, as their children, were natural heirs to the kingdom.

What belonged to God belonged to us, just as what is ours is our children’s’ (to a point). We did not have to earn a living from our Father. We knew, by our birthright, that we were entitled to all of the abundance that existed, material and spiritual.

When we “fell”, due to choosing duality over oneness, we “fell” from operating out of our highest chakra, God consciousness, to our lowest – consumed with mere survival issues. We “fell” out of balance with each other, male, and female, and we “fell” asleep.

God never changed; we did. Since God is still all merciful, then there must have been provisions made for our return to our original state ” that condition the Keys of Enoch refers to as the “Adam Kadmon”.

The Adam Kadmon is man. operating with a-11 of his faculties and powers without limitation. So, what are/were those provisions?

How DO we find our way back?

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube is a geometric symbol composed of four of the five Platonic solids, which are the building blocks of all creation and form.

They are the Cube, the Tetrahedron, the Octahedron, the Icosahedron, and the Dodecahedron (all five listed).

Recently It was introduced by Drunvalo Melchizedek through the Flower of Life Workshops, and most recently in his book on the Flower of Life. Although the information here is not from Drunvalo or the workshop directly, to my knowledge, he was the most notable individual to bring it to the public’s attention.

Keys of Enoch

According to the Keys of Enoch, Metatron is “The Garment of Shaddai.” The visible manifestation of the Deity as “Garment of

The Father”. Almighty, Eternal Lord and “Divine Voice” of the Father. Creator of the outer worlds. Teacher and guide to Enoch and the Creator of the Keys.

“Metatron is the creator of the electron”. In Key 107:7, it states, “To enter the ‘Master Pyramid of Light’ of the Father, the Pyramid behind all Central Control Pyramids, it is necessary to use the wavelength of Metatron.

Which allows the Metatronic physics of Light to operate within you so that you can see the planetary fields of Light that exist through all of the higher orders of intelligence.

You can see how the Hierarchies are joined together through the Throne of the Father.

It also states that Metatron “….is working, with the Right and Left Hand of the Father.”

In the diagrams that follow, you can see how the being known as Metatron is positioned at the very top of the universal structure, even above the Christ point.

Metatron is beyond duality; that is why the daily use of the geometric symbol connected to this being leads one to realize the highest and greatest purpose for their existence and incarnation on this planet.

Metatron’s Cube is an “all-encompassing” piece of geometry. Some of the numerous correspondences to all that is demonstrated, as stated, in the following exhibits:

Metatron’s Sigil on the Rose Cross

This is one of the most powerful sheets of paper on the planet! The Rose Cross is made up of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. By spelling out Metatron’s name in Hebrew, this figure appears, and is in effect, Metatron’s signature. You are aware from your human signature, the glyph itself carries the vibration of the one it represents.

Although the emphasis is not on the open-eye meditation of the Rose Cross, it is included for absolute protection and as a pathway, when inscribed, into the actual Metatronic energy.

It also makes a fine specimen for open-eye meditation, itself.

The Hierarchy of our Father Universe

This diagram, from the Keys of Enoch, is included to show Metatron *s position in the whole scheme of things.

As you can see from the pointing arrow, Metatron is the First Expression of God; truly, the Voice of The Father.

The Serpent of Wisdom

This diagram of the Kabalistic Tree of Life is taken from the Complete Golden Dawn Book of Magic. It is herein included to show Metatron’s position on the Tree of Life – at the very top (around Kether, the first Sephiroth). You cannot get much higher on the food chain than this!

This diagram is also included for the Serpent illustration, which will be discussed later in the section regarding Kundalini.

Platonic Solids, Tattwas and Organ Correspondences

These two pages illustrate all that you are connecting with when meditating upon Metatron ‘s Cube, as well as which internal organs are affected.

The Chakra System

The chakras are the “wheels within wheels”, the seven (plus) energy centers in our bodies that correspond directly with the glands.

Clearance of the chakras allows life force energy to flow directly through them, from the lowest to the crown, the seat of God consciousness and Self-awareness.

This exhibit shows how the energy centers are represented in Metatron’s Cube, and therefore positively affected.

The Kabalistic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is not a model that exists somewhere in space; we are IN the tree; we ARE the tree.

In this depiction of the Cube, you will see that even Daath is represented, which is considered “hidden” and not yet clearly defined.

On the following page, this diagram is included so that you can compare positioning of the sephira around the human body, and how closely it relates to the positioning in Metatron’s Cube.

The Ten Pythagorean Numbers on the Kabalistic Tree of Life

According to H.P. Blavatsky, Israel Regardie and Pythagoras, the Ten Pythagorean numbers, the ten sephira on the Kabalistic Tree of Life, and the ten dots on the Tetraktys (on the following page) ARE ALL THE SAME.

They are all geometric representations of powerful energies governing all of creation. They can also be found in Metatron’s Cube, as illustrated. Even though the focus is not on the Flower of Life in this work, it is included on the page following the “Numbers” to illustrate the Tetraktys; this is also another “all-encompassing” symbol.

Planetary Correspondences in the Tree of Life

All of planets, including the sun, moon, zodiac and “no name”, are shown in this diagram. When you are connecting with this symbol in meditation, you are also accessing the energy of the cosmos.

The Microcosm and Macrocosm

Before we can be of true service to the universe, we must be in balance; otherwise, our projections stand to do more harm than good. All that exists in the universe exists within us – we are a small, compact version of all creation!

The Envelopes of Light

These final three diagrams show what appears to be an envelope: first closed, then half open, then completely open. It may be mere coincidence, but it would make sense that Metatron’s Cube takes us from a closed, asleep state, and opens us up to the inspiration of our Higher Self, which we can receive once we are completely “open” to it.

Metatron’s Cube

Now that you know what it does, here is one for you! It would be a grand idea to keep it on your ceiling and to look at it daily (details to follow).

We have created a set of 9 meditations and it includes Metatron’s Cube Manual in pdf format with images and more information about the processes connected to metatron’s Cube.  This will attune you to Metatron’s Cube and assist and guide you through the processes within the manual.Just click on Metatron’s cube.


One might think that with all that is included, the directions for meditation would be involved and complicated. It is quite simple:



So, What Kind of Benefits Can Be Expected?

Since Metatron is above duality, and is One with The One, by resonating with His energy, you, too, can expect to transcend duality, and to reclaim all of the capabilities of your Light Body.

Vou were created as a perfect blueprint, for a specific function on this planet. Most people go through countless lifetimes never realizing their true purpose or function.

There is absolute purpose and order in this creation, and those Energies above the fourth dimension have never changed from their pristine state and ordering.

Since Metatron ‘s Cube contains the archetypes for all creation, your whole energy system is “realigned” with the perfection of those archetypal energies.

“Your original purpose is then revealed, and the glory of your essence is exposed and brought into actualization and fruition. Jesus the Christ said, “be ye therefore perfect, even as My Father in Heaven is perfect.”

Jesus was not confused.

He would not admonish us to pursue perfection unless it was indeed possible.

Balance is the main thrust of this work. The primary imbalance affecting most people, and certainly this planet, is the imbalance between the male and female energies, within ourselves and in earth life.

As mentioned on the first page, when we “fell”, we fell out of balance with the male and female energy.

Somewhere along the line, the feminine energy was delegated to the background, not considered to be of any value, and, well, detrimental.

Sorry, folks, you cannot have birth without a mother, period.

Whether it is physical birth, birth of the planets, etc., you cannot eliminate half of the creation equation and expect manifestation.

Balance of the feminine and masculine poles of the body is accomplished with this meditation.

The female energy is represented by the Serpent (see “Serpent of Wisdom” diagram), or what is commonly known as the Kundalini energy, coiled (usually asleep) at the base of the spine.

The “Mother” is represented by Kundalini.

After the “fall”. She was delegated to a sleeping position, not to be awakened until total balance was desirous and attempted.

There are other meditations that accomplish the same thing, but the Metatron ‘s Cube meditation brings about the rise of the Kundalini automatically and safely, without the practitioner endeavoring to “try” to raise Her.

It also does it in a manner which does not adversely affect the rest of your existence; you can continue to function. There have been numerous accounts of this energy rising too quickly or radically in meditators, causing great harm and physical damage.

Now that is not to say that there are NO growing pains in this system – THERE ARE. But they are handleable, especially if you assist in the process (details to follow).

Shiva (of the Hindu trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) is considered to be the male energy of the body, and Shakti represents the female energy (Kundalini and Shakti are considered to be the same) –

The goal of tantric meditation is to awaken the female, so that Shiva and Shakti can once again be joined in Divine Union.

This has been my experience with this meditation. After a time, the Kundalini begins to seek out the Father, her mate, and starts Her journey from the base chakra to the crown.

Once they are in union, you become privy, ail day, every day, to the glorious energy of their interplay, manifesting as ecstatic, transmuted sexual energy swirling primarily around the crown, or wherever it is directed.

Once their union is complete.

You, as the Host, then gain access to the capabilities of our Divine Parents – the tools of creation.

Once their union is complete, they shall merge once again into the Formless, Genderless Void of God.

On the Kabalistic Tree of Life model, the first representation of the feminine energy is Binah, the third sephiroth.

This is the First Mother, Since the ordering of creation began with the First Sephiroth, Kether, and completed at the Tenth Sephiroth, Malkuth, as we ascend, the reverse will take place.

We will go from ten to one, Malkuth to Kether.

Referring to the top three sephira, if creation is reversed, the Mother, number three, will have to surrender her identity first, as she seeks out and merges with the First Father, Chokmah.

The female, especially on this planet, is accustomed to surrender; she surrenders her name in marriage, she surrenders her body and life to rear children, and she usually voluntarily subordinates her wishes and ambitions to the family.

The Mother gives up nothing in merging with her True Counterpart; she actually comes into Her fullness once merged.

The Mother is the creator of form – we are returning beyond formlessness. That is why many sacred texts will refer to God in the masculine, not always from a narrow-minded patriarchal view, but from a practical one.

As the male, according to the Tree of Life, was created before the female, if we must refer to God as one or the other. Father would be most appropriate- THE Mother understands this completely; she is NOT offended.


The following are references from different publications that succinctly address this subject:

From “The Art of Everyday Ecstasy” by Margot Anand (Broadway Books: 1998):

“The distortions that divide men and women in the world flow from the split between the inner man and woman in each of us, a split that goes back to the mythic subjugation of the Goddess by a jealous and warlike deity.

And that inner split between feminine and masculine, sex and Spirit, body and soul, energy, and consciousness, separates us from the healing power of ecstasy, both in ourselves and in our culture.

We must not seek to replace the male deity with female, but to restore the divine feminine to the world. And especially her reunion with the divine masculine, who in his wrathful appearance as God the patriarch is wounded by her absence just as we, their children, have suffered unbearably from their separation,”

From Energies of Transformation by Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D. (Self-Published: 1990):

“According to Vedic scriptures Kundalini energy is the fundamental power of creation and the primary consciousness of the universe. Swami Vishnu Tirtha described it in a classic volume, Kundalini , Devatma Shakti as a universal cosmic energy/consciousness which manifests from the all-pervasive Brahman.

This energy appears in the dynamic state while creating and after completing the process in hand, it conceals itself by becoming static residual energy in the center of an individual being. Here it is coiled, until it is awakened and reverses its path to the source. ”

In another section, it states:

“Then the spirit must be allowed to dive down into the abdomen (solar plexus), The energy then has intercourse with spirit, and spirit unites with the energy and crystallizes itself. This is the method of starting the work. In time the primal spirit transforms itself in the swelling of life into the true energy.”

And finally:

“When the Kundalini is aroused (one) progresses very rapidly on the path of spiritual evolution- He realizes the full potential of the body and mind, attains inner peace, harmony, and integration, and ultimately experiences the sublime truth of unity in diversity – the fact that all life is one seamless fabric.”

From the Yoga Journal, July 1998: The article, “When Kali Comes To Call”):

“Shakti is power, energy in both its dynamic and static forms (we know its static form better as “matter”). Every imaginable thing and action in the universe arise from, exists in, and eventually returns to the primordial shakti pool.

Absolute, unchangeable, permanent, all pervasive consciousness is the rock upon which the universe stands, and our cosmos and all conceivable cosmoses assemble themselves on that rock from the substance of dynamism of shakti.”

The article further states:

“At the base of the subtle spinal cord in the subtle body lies the residual shakti of individuation, an energy which remains unavailable to the individual so long as his or her consciousness remains firmly entrenched in the mundane.

This energy is our personal fragment of the cosmic power of self-identification.”

Even though the awakening and rising of Kundalini is a natural benefit of Open-Eye meditation on sacred geometry, specifically, Metatron’s Cube, it is not completely passive. Because Kundalini is represented by our sexual, reproductive energy, great movement of sexual energy is to be expected, and is part of the process.

To keep from being disturbed by the energy or immersing yourself in some sort of fruitless orgiastic behavior, if you direct the energy to your head (without any special breathing or techniques), by simply turning your awareness to your crown when the energy is moving, it will follow your guide – after all, it IS your body, and you are the master (potentially 1).

There are complicated techniques and manuals that instruct one on how to arouse and move the energy, but I have found that specific instructions are not necessary. As long as Kundalini knows the destination. She WILL find her way.

We have created a set of 9 meditations and it includes Metatron’s Cube Manual in pdf format with images and more information about the processes connected to metatron’s Cube.  This will attune you to Metatron’s Cube and assist and guide you through the processes within the manual.Just click on Metatron’s cube.

Some of the other benefits you can expect from the rising of Kundalini:

Psychic Awareness

Seeing or feeling auras

The ability to do hands-on healing.

Spontaneous remembrance of past lives

Channeling poetry, art, books, and other information

Out-of-Body Experiences

Psychokinetic experiences

Precognitive visions or intuition

Synchronistic events

The ability to use one’s energy to balance disturbed energy in others.

Increased comprehension of spiritual scriptures

Feeling the ability to influence others.

Instinctive awareness of what one needs to do.

An expanded vision of reality

Feeling aware of the presence of a light being or teacher from another dimension

Facilitating the Process

All of this does NOT happen overnight. Your Higher Self makes sure you are ready before this process begins – and you will be.

If you wish to expedite and maximize this whole process, there are things you can do to assure that matters move along smoothly, albeit rapidly.

They are as follows:

Brain Hemispheric Synchronization – This is the most important Item in this section. Since the hemispheres of our brains correspond to the female (right) and male (left), balance cannot really occur until the computer (the brain) of our system is functioning correctly.

We tend to be either DO flaky and ungrounded (right imbalance), or bull-headed and overly analytical (left imbalance).

By entraining our brain via sound and lights using brain synchronization machines or labyrinth work, our brain hemispheres and our whole body and energy system, work in perfect concert.

This balancing alone can bring about amazing results within us. Coupled with Metatron’s Cube and the meditation thereon, it is a combination difficult to beat.

Physical Detoxification – Toxic Food, Toxic Mind- Although too much emphasis should not be given toour lowest member, the human body, it IS necessary to keep it working properly if we wish to advance.

According to Ayurveda, the centuries-old system of healing from India, there are certain substances that are detoxifying and beneficial for all body types – the main one being ALOE VERA.

Because it is a blood purifier (among its many attributes), daily consumption of at least 8 ounces acts as a steady detoxifier, without having to endure any radical fasting or other taxing techniques.

Because Ayurveda is “specific herbology”, it is the most precise and beneficial system of preventative medicine available to us.

Body Scrubbing – The skin is the largest organ in (on) our, bodies. Care of the skin should figure into your everyday regimen. Since the skin is constantly regenerating (as our other organs) and sloughing off debris, it is important to keep it moving (off of you!).

All drugstores will have “shower brushes”, and it should be used daily to keep a steady level of detoxification.

This process of transformation. When engaging with Sacred Geometry (the Cube), you will find your reality base aligning with that of the Christ, and with all of those Christed Beings who have walked and transcended the cycle of birth and death.



The Rose Cross contains the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, words are written from right to left and are consonantal- Therefore, Metatron would be “M-T-T-R-O-N” (vowels are sometimes used).

The sigil is derived by beginning at Mem, tracing to Teth. Since there are two “t’s” in Metatron, there is a double indicator at Teth.

Tracing then to Resh, and since it must be traced through, a knot is made at the place of the “r”; on to Vav, ending at Nun,

From the Keys of Enoch: Included here to demonstrate Metatron’s position in the Hierarchy.

From the Golden Dawn Complete System of Magic: Kabbalistic Tree of Life with, With Metatron’s position on the Tree emphasized (arrow pointing)



The five platonic solids; the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron, are the building blocks of all creation and form, and are contained within Metatron’s Cube.

The five Hindu Tattwas; prithivi-earth, tejas-fire, vayu-air, apas- water and akasa-spirit are also represented in Metatron’s cube, as they directly correspond to the five platonic solids, the chakras, and the internal organs.

The following page illustrates the correspondences. The table below gives the names and attributes of the solids and tattwas, to be matched directly with the exhibit on the following page.








The Kabalistic Tree of Life

As illustrated, the ten Sephira (including the “hidden sephiroth”, Daath) are included in Metatron’s cube. The top two outer circles are to be seen as on a spindle, creating the second and third sephira when rolled into alignment with the other circles.




The two top outer circles are to be seen as on a spindle, creating the 2nd and 3rd sephira (numbers) when rolled into alignment with the other circles.



Once again, the two top outer circles are to be seen as on a spindle, to be rolled into place in alignment with the other circles in the cube.




Our inner structure directly corresponds with the universal structure. When we balance the microcosm within, we automatically balance and align with the foundation or building blocks of all creation –

“AS above, so below”.


Envelopes of light through which we receive information from our Higher Self and our Christed Brethren. Envelop is closed here. (See below)


Envelopes of Light continued. Here the envelop is half open.


Final envelope fully open.

We have created a set of 9 meditations and it includes Metatron’s Cube Manual in pdf format with images and more information about the processes connected to metatron’s Cube.  This will attune you to Metatron’s Cube and assist and guide you through the processes within the manual.Just click on Metatron’s cube.

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