Ascended Masters Mastery Activations

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Ascended Masters Mastery Activations

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It is a real mastery choice and commitment to order these Ascended Masters Mastery Activations. These mastery sequences for enlightenment are gifted once in an individual’s lifetime. As the individual expands and grows in their love and light quotients over their life, their god self will be automatically offered and gifted with more spiritual dispensations to fully assist these beings on their path and plan with the Creator. These sessions will propel you forward exponentially in your mastery and in your service to the Creator.

We in the Office of the CHRIST or Christos Energies petitioned to the Heavenly Host for you to bring forth these powerful life changing sequences. We worked with many masters and Councils of Light, all aligned to the highest principles of Divine Truth, Love and Light, to bring forward to this world, their mastery and healing, to assist all sentient beings in all stages of their evolution here, in this time of transition. We welcome you to select all that resonates within your heart for your heart knows truth and what is in alignment with your particular path and plan with the Creator. We are most excited and joyous to see the long awaited time that has been foretold by your ancestors that is all most upon us all. May the Christos Light guide you to your perfection.” ~~~ THE CHRIST


  1. Abundance Mastery Sequences “Abundance means many things. The one you associate abundance with the most is the prosperity in financial matters. But, abundance is so much more. Abundance encompasses the good things that a good life has to offer such as love, shelter, comfort, peace, happiness, food, family, prosperity and a sense of being fulfilled, accomplished and satisfied with your choices and creations that are your life. These mastery sequences will assist one in healing obstacles and blocks to an abundant life and align one with the universal and cosmic flows of divine abundance so that they can manifest and become a permanent part of your co-creations in this lifetime.”
  2. Alchemical Magic Mastery “This is a great time of change and therefore there is a great need to transform vast amounts of density into love and mastery. Alchemical Magic Mastery Sequences will transform lead into liquid gold; it will transform your old belief systems that are no longer serving you to “gold”. There are 11 main areas that are in need of alchemical transformation in order to attain mastery and higher levels of love. They are belief systems (brain), heart, solar plexus, ego, root chakra, sacral chakra, throat chakra, third eye, crown chakra, and the hands and feet chakras. These Mastery Sequences will allow you to know higher levels of your beingness and GOD so that you can be the embodiment of the true you.”
  3. Alpha and Omega Mastery “Between the alpha and the omega is contained all things, all experiences of this cosmos, including all that one has experienced in their evolution within this cosmos. These mastery sequences will purge and re-define your experiences to reflect the light and love of the Creator. All less than light experiences will be completely rewritten to reflect this new reality in order to propel one forward in their evolution into the light for higher enlightenment and service.”
  4. Apollo/Athena Mastery “To attain mastery of self, one needs to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of self to function at higher levels of mastery or androgyny so to speak. Duality has created separateness of the sexes where one is clearly male or female, when it is our birthright to be in physical form and embody the divine attributes and power of both the masculine and the feminine. In doing so, war will end and peace will reside in your soul and in your world. Apollo is the representation of the masculine and I, Athena, am the representation of the feminine. We are one GOD but because of the duality and separation on this planet, we came in as separate masters to teach others how to once again merge back together as one. We will teach you how to master the fine qualities and attributes of Love that each feminine and masculine aspect brings in order to attain the perfection of the soul.”
  5. Ascending with a Body Mastery “There will be more individuals ascending on this planet than ever before in the history of this world and in this Universe. In the recent past, ascension candidates had the choice of selecting to ascend in their physical body or in their mayavarupa body. Those who choose the mayavarupa body ascended into their 5th dimensional body which is lighter and less dense, or physical. While in this body, hair does not grow so there is no need for haircuts or shaving. Food and sleep are no longer a necessity as one lives off of light to sustain their body and energetic systems. Those who ascended in a physical body, raised the vibration of their physical body to physical perfection and received a miracle healing, and began to operate from the perfected human form as the Creator intended it. As with everything, there is choice. Some of you may choose to ascend in your physical bodies so that you can still enjoy eating food and cutting your hair, so that you are able to integrate into society without appearing different. These mastery sequences are for those choosing to ascend in their physical vehicles.”
  6. Babaji’s Mastery “Greetings! I am Love and I am here to remind you that you are love too. Every cell of you is composed of magnificent love from the Creator that makes up your perfected blueprint for your human form. I will assist you in awakening this gift with in your being so that you can reclaim your birthright, activate your GOD DNA, and be propelled in your divine mastery and service mission for the light and the highest good of all. Once you accept these mastery sequences I will be your personal guide to assist you in the completion of your mission here on earth. My love will light the way, support you and guide you in your magnificence that you are!”
  7. Buddha/Quan Yin Mastery “Within the realms of spiritual mastery, one is taught how to master the mind so that it cannot rule the heart. Great teaching and practice is performed by the initiate to teach the mind to come from the heart so that it may lead the mind in love. This is the corner stone to Buddhist philosophy. Another important teaching is the mastery of the masculine and the feminine aspects of oneself. It is the merging of these dualities that allows one to tap into greater levels of awareness of GOD and the higher realms of love. These mastery sequences will assist one in merging, integrating and healing the duality aspects within them so that one may know, feel and experience higher love.”
  8. Central Sun Mastery “We are the Councils of the Central Sun bidding you a warm welcome of love and light. We have prepared these mastery sequences for you to assist those who are ready to anchor the higher vibrations of the central sun on your planet to assist you, Gaia and others in your ascension process. Like the initiates in the ancient days of Egypt, you will be a channel of this high vibration cosmic love and light that will help to shift this planet into the 1000 years of peace and the next Golden Age of Enlightenment. We congratulate you on your choice to shine!”
  9. Christ/Mary Magdalene Mastery “Beloveds, now is the time to reclaim your “Christship”, your mastery, and the truth of who you are. We are in service to our Lord and are here to help you reclaim this forgotten path that lies dormant within your heart of hearts. Let us awaken the Christ within you so that you may radiate this blessed essence and love at all times. At the time I was incarnated here on your planet I was but one Christed individual to teach many who were willing to learn the Christed ways. Now in your most recent history there will be many Christed beings walking this earth in service to teach the ways of our Lord.”
  10. Co-Creating Heaven on Earth “This is an era that heralds the blessed change that has been foretold by the eons of time and space of a new dawn that will bring heaven on earth, releasing the planet and all of its inhabitants of the past transgressions of those who played GOD and manipulated the human race and its DNA for its own selfish means. Today the trumpet blows to herald in this age of awakening where we can be released from the shackles and slavery of those who held us captive, to enter a new earth or way of being, that will show the way for all to sovereignty, freedom and enlightenment! In the name of our Lord, in the name of the Christ, let freedom ring! Bring heaven to earth now! In accepting these mastery sequences you join the growing numbers of sentients on this planet in the choice to anchor heaven on earth.”
  11. El Morya Mastery “My friends and dear loved ones, feel the love that I am emanating from my heart to yours. You are not alone on your journey. You have much assistance and guidance from us beloved servants of GOD. Ask and you shall receive the bountiful love and healing that GOD has for each and every one of you. Feel the purple ray of wisdom, clarity and divinity lovingly fill you, raising you to higher levels of your mastery, brining you closer to the divinity that awaits to be remembered and activated within you. This is my gift to you. With Love and light of the high heavens,”
  12. Forgiveness Mastery “Ahh, forgiveness. It is easier said than done, is it not? Sometimes forgiveness is hard because we are more angry at ourselves for allowing the situation to happen then we are angry at the transgressors. Forgiveness will set you free. You have heard this mantra before and what is revealed in these words is the truth that in forgiveness of self and others you set yourself free of karma, you set yourself free of hatred, anger and fear, you set yourself free of separation and come into the understanding that we are all one. If we hurt ourselves we are hurting others and vice versa. Forgiveness is the key to ascension and miracles. In accepting these mastery sequences you heal and release all programs that bind you to another, to a situation, another place, world, time, space and dimension where your true essence is trapped in hate, anger or fear. You will be released, healed and integrated into your present self and all past transgressions will be forgiven and karmically balanced.”
  13. Ganesh Mastery “I may be big, but I am gentle. Feel my love for you and feel my compassion that I have for you that will dissolve the barriers and obstacles in your life like gentle rain melting an ice cube. I can assist you in the realization that what you may perceive as solid, hard barriers, are really “blobs of putty” that can be dissolved and transformed with love. Love conquers all, love heals all wounds and love is the path that leads to all that there is…..GOD. This is my gift to you. Namasté.”
  14. Green Tara/White Tara Mastery “Let me reveal the secrets of great health and vitality. In my incarnation here on earth, I mastered the art of mudras and learned the ways of the ancients to cleanse, heal and balance the body and its energetic systems. I also learned the mudras for enlightenment and divinity. In these sequences, are great gifts awaiting to propel you forward in your mastery. This is my gift to you. -In loving service,”
  15. Hilarion Mastery “Greetings! I gift you with stamina, devotion and guidance on your most sacred of journeys to knowing the GOD/GODDESS that you already are. Does this sound like a riddle? No, I assure you there are no riddles here, just universal truths of your magnificence and your choice to shine! These mastery sequences are a divine dispensation that will assist you in mastering common stumbling blocks to ascension, such as pitfalls of maya, illusion and glamour of this world or otherwise commonly known as “the ego”. I assure you that the ego is not to be feared but embraced and loved. When that happens, ego is transcended to higher love and ego no longer operates as a separate entity, but it is absorbed into the oneness of your soul and its expression is much more loving and in servitude. I will assist in helping you to absorb your individual ego to embrace your global service.”
  16. Isis/Osiris Mastery Isis is personified as the female creative power that conceived and brought forth all living creatures. Through the ancient Egyptian legend of losing her husband (Osiris) and the great grief she experienced, and the healing process needed to reclaim her power to conquer the evil forces that killed her husband, it teaches us how to do the same within our being and soul. These Mastery Sequences™ assists one in balancing the emotions so that the male and female sides of each individual can unite. Through the feminine force, the heart is nurtured and fulfilled. In order to heal the deep seeded emotional wounds we carry, we must first balance the forces of the heart and mind, and the male and the female within ourselves, to evolve to a new wholeness in divine unison.
  17. Kuthumi Mastery “Feel my love and know that it is I, Kuthumi. I have mastered the realm of magnetic properties for healing, balance and harmony. I pass these magnetic gifts unto you in these mastery sequences to propel you forward in great healing and in the awakening of your great mastery. For you see, you are already great masters, but have been veiled to the truth of who you really are. I will lift those veils and reveal to you the love that you truly are.”
  18. Mahatma Mastery “Greetings divine ones, we are the Mahatma! Feel the love of our hearts connect to the love of your hearts and become one. For we are all “one”. We are all the cogs and sprockets that make up the great wheel of Creation. Each and every one of you has a more important and divine purpose in this wheel then you will ever know. Let us assist you in great leaps in your consciousness to know higher realms of love and light.”
  19. Maitreya Mastery “My children, we are in an age of much change, of much turmoil, and thus, it creates a tremendous opportunity to remember that we are love, and through our love, we can move mountains and shift the density of this world to that of a Christed vibration. These mastery sequences are a gift of your divine birthright that was taken away from humans of this world a very long time ago by beings that wanted you to forget your brilliance and magnificence of your Christed self, your God self, of your divine Christed being. I return this memory and gift to you, like a well needed appendage being returned to you. Blessings my children on your remembrance, your love and the mastery of your Christed being as seen through the eyes of your beloved Creator.”
  20. Melchizedek Mastery “Within these mastery sequences lies knowledge of your universal mastery. It is the map to universal consciousness and mastery for not only your ascension, but for the long awaited ascension of this universe into the vibration of the Christed universes at the Throne of GOD. It is the quite essential “spiritual map” that will accelerate your spiritual evolution and this universe’s by your mere acceptance of it.”Metatron Mastery “These mastery sequences contain mastery codes from the “true” Keys of Enoch in its most pristine and holy form as it was originally brought to this world to assist in the ascension of all. It is the untouched, ever expanding codes in its most sacred form, that will be downloaded into your mastery archives, to be initiated at divine moments in your evolution to propel you forward in your gifts & mastery.”
  21. Metatron, Mahatma, Melchizedek Mastery “These mastery sequences combine many mystery school activations and many ascension schools of thought to assist one in achieving their mastery. It combines Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean, Sirian and Pleadian schools of thought to assist and awaken in the incarnated souls here in this world, advanced and specialized gifts that are a part of their mastery codes that have not been awakened for more than 70,000 years, at the last age of Enlightenment. If it is in your coding to have this awakened, then you will be drawn to these mastery sequences, which will act like a key to open and activate this most ancient mastery within you.”
  22. Mohammed Mastery “Greetings, for I am Mohammed. I welcome you to the greatest love that is already contained within your heart of hearts. Allow me to share my mastery and love for you and GOD. Allow me to awaken your divine path and plan with the Creator and restore your place high in the cosmos at the throne of GOD. Allow me to show you the way to quiet your mind, find peace and tranquility within your being, within your soul, within your destiny. Within the peace and solitude of the mind is the answers you seek. For I am Mohammed and I bid you farewell.”
  23. Mother Mary Mastery “Allow the love of my heart to illuminate your beingness. This is the love that GOD has and feels for you at any and all times. This is the love that heals, this is the love that miracles are created from. Allow us to heal your weaknesses, strengthen you, and raise you to the truth of your divinity, your omnipotence. Allow us to dust you off, polish you so that you shine and resonate like a jewel in perfection. Within my arms is salvation and safety. Within my arms there is great love and healing waiting for you. Allow me to take you to greater heights of love where you can soar like an angel, boundless, ageless, bathe in this most divine light.”
  24. Music of the Spheres Mastery “This universe and the universes beyond are magnificent creations of divine love that carry its own frequencies, tones, and notes that are beyond the range of your music in this world. Each tone or note is the sound of perfection that creates a reverberating effect that balances and harmonizes all of Creation. When these divine notes combine, it produces a divine and miraculous symphony of heavenly proportions. For those who are tuned to these frequencies, they will hear this celestial music of divine love. Sometimes when ones’ soul leaves this world and journeys to their heavenly destination, this symphony can be heard and felt. These Mastery Sequences will bring the great gifts of love, healing, balance and harmony to you. Enjoy this most magnificent blessing.”
  25. Omniverse Merlin Mastery “On our path to mastery, we encounter greatness that cannot be defined. It is the trials and tribulations that lead us to great discovery of self and the worlds we live in. Some may say that this discovery is truly magical, for mere words cannot describe the feelings of accomplishment, knowingness and deep love that flow with in our veins when we reach and discover higher truths.”
  26. Opening the Heart Mastery “One cannot reach mastery without first mastering the heart. The heart teaches us to love, to serve and to be full of compassion which opens the doors to illimitable possibilities of self, of servitude, of GOD. In these mastery sequences, you will receive spiritual dispensations that will free the limitations and restrictions you have placed on your heart so that new doors can open that will lead to your omnipotence at the throne of GOD.”
  27. Saint Germain Mastery “Let me share with you the gift of alchemy and transformation! We will transform your lower vibrational or negative emotions and raise them to the vibration of your soul. We will spiritualize your less desirable emotions to raise you to new levels of being, to new levels of mastery, to new levels of expression that comes from your soul. Energetic filters will be permanently placed in specific locations in your auric fields to purify and spiritualize all that you send out to others and all that you receive from others, empowering each energetic interaction to come from higher levels of light and love.”
  28. Sanat Kumara Mastery “Within these mastery sequences contains the greatest gift. That is the gift of knowing your true self. In knowing your true self you know your spiritual gifts and your greatest love for all of Creation, for you are creation and creation is you…you are one and in that oneness lies great mastery, great potentiality, great service and the greatest love. These mastery sequences will propel you to the greatest heights of mastery and accelerate your ascension process allowing you to be a great beacon of light to teach and guide others. These mastery sequences are for the most serious and dedicated ascension initiates for it will propel you into greater planetary service.”
  29. Shiva Mastery “Allow me to cast out the demons that possess you so that more love and light can fill those spaces in your heart and being. Allow me to show you how to be a beacon of love and light without drawing the lesser energies to you. Allow me to show you how to master and conquer your fears and replace them with the greatest love. I AM Lord Shiva, a warrior of the greatest love from the Michael line and I am in service to you and the light.
  30. Transcending Fear Mastery “You come into this world having to master karma, fear, density and in the process experience great diversity as you work to master duality. This is no small feat and we honor you and love you for the challenges you have chosen to master for the greater good of all. We are here for you to help you, to heal you and to guide you on this magnificent journey. We would like to gift you with mastery sequences that will assist you in transcending your fear, for when you transcend fear, you are immersed in the greatest love of GOD and the cosmos.

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