Ascension earth, our process, questions answers

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Ascension earth, our process, questions answers


I felt for myself I needed some clarification on Ascension earth and our own process. I asked Isis if i could ask some questions and she answered.

Me: I read somewhere that people are being removed from this planet, our earth, to another planet. As I read this message this is not happening.

Isis: Earth has been within this universe from the beginning, she has always been the only planet to carry human beings. She will remain here in her light body as preparations are now being made so she can still support a physical earth reality within her light body.

Me: I also read that it was mother earth that wants us to ascend now instead of sometime in the future.

Isis: You have the Cosmic right to ascend at any time, no one else but you decides. If you were ready you would be able to do it now, there is no reason except for assisting the earth to wait.

Me: What is happening on the new earth, I hear that some people are already there?

Isis: Some humans are working on the new earth during the night time, or through meditation. There are also many other groups assisting as for now it only exists within the non-physical.

Me: Do we have assistance from other universes?

Isis: Yes and No. Many on earth have had incarnations within other universes, so in that fact, yes.

No, as far as beings actually assisting at this moment, there are some within your universe as observers, some are there to interfere. This is a process for your universe and you as human beings. As this is going to affect other universes they are observing.

The ascension of planets has been done before, but never with physical beings living upon it.

Me: What are starseeds?

Isis: You are all starseeds as all of you have the same source that you came from. Many will call humans that incarnated here and have spent lifetimes before on other planets starseeds. All of you have had incarnations on other planets, this makes all of you starseeds.

Me: What about the 144.000?

Isis: 144.000 is not an amount of people, it is a sacred number that is connected to the ascension process.

Me: What is a love consciousness?

Isis: It is a change within the consciousness and mindset of humans as they understand that love is of a higher frequency. They have not realized yet that it is not only about the change of thought.

It is about the human part finding their source being through search within. To bring every aspect of their source being into the physical reality and allow themselves to be fully awake to experience the oneness within every frequency.

The love consciousness is allowing humans to move into the 5th dimensional frequencies and receive a greater understanding.

The ones that choose to move further will open fully and will be able to find all the answers within as they will also be able to see consciously all that is happening within your universe and be able to understand and see their own path fully.

They will work on changing their physical body and do all that is needed to complete the cosmic ascension of the physical body into light. As this is a personal process and can only be completed by the person. Guidelines will be available but the work is done by the person.

As for the ones that move into the love consciousness, into the 5th dimension. They are required to do certain things as to open and clear chakras, bring in 12 chakras and finish planetary ascension while alive, not through death.

Change their state of being in the mind only to a state where the mind and heart work in unison. Bring in the connection between the mind and the heart.

Within the 5th dimensional frequencies there will be further opening and expansion of the consciousness to reach the consciousness of One needed for cosmic ascension.

This consciousness will allow them to see that no matter what frequency, love is present. Love is present in the dark as it is in the light.

The love experienced through the One consciousness will be deeper and more profound than you can experience within the physical body now. It moves from an experience of love into the experience of the all, as it moves you into a deeper level within your own source being that is the Oneness.

They will realize that love is but a tool to reach the oneness. As within the oneness feelings that you experience as a human are all One.

Me: What is full conscious awareness?

Isis: Full conscious awareness is being aware of your surroundings on an energy level. You can have full conscious awareness on the 5th dimensional level. It does not mean you know everything that is happening on every level.

When we speak of full consciousness awareness, we speak of awareness at every level of your being. Your consciousness is expanded or able to expand throughout your own universe and many other universes.

Me: Many say that if you leave fear and be in the love frequency, you don’t have anything to worry about. You don’t have to do anything. Everything will fall into place in divine order.

Isis: The love frequency, though very powerful is not enough to change all. Being within the love frequency does not mean you are fully aware consciously. Many that are within a love frequency, or try to remain within a love frequency, are not fully aware of what is happening consciously.

Like I said before, the love frequency takes you into the 5th dimension. It is not full conscious ascension where you change the physical body into light.

Me: Who are the illuminati?

Isis: They are enlightened beings that have full conscious awareness of all levels. They are capable of using every frequency, including the love frequency of course, to create what they would like to create, a world under their control at all times.

The ones really in control have been able to stay within conscious awareness throughout many of their lifetimes. It is not just a group that came here right now. They have been here for millions of years. The actual beings in control are a small group.

The others are their workers. Some of them have awareness at many levels as they have studied just like you for many lifetimes. Some are from another planet, or other universe.

The contract has been made with them, that if we are able to ascend the earth, they will leave.

Until then they will do everything within their power to prevent ascension of the earth.

Now they have let you come a long way. But there is still control as many messages are coming from them as well. They have given you promises and little treats to keep you at a certain level of spiritual awakening.

Me: What is needed for the earth to ascend, how many people do we need?

Isis: We need people that are ready to complete cosmic ascension. The portal that needs to be opened is not at a 5th dimensional level as the earth is ascending into her light body.

The amount of people is unsure at this time, we don’t know how many more we can awaken to this path.

We will need more than we have now as they will have to carry the energies not just of opening the gate, but of all human beings that will move with the earth to the new earth reality.

Me: How many are awake at this time and how many are actually ready for cosmic ascension?

Isis: There are a little bit over 1000 awake enough to realize they need to be ready for cosmic ascension.

Of those 1000, none of them is there yet.  They are still working on it but many are being distracted and many are only at the beginning. There are about 100 who have fully dedicated themselves to the cosmic ascension.

Me: How many are awake though that could start right now?

Isis: All light workers upon earth are awake enough to start, but they are not aware enough to realize the importance of cosmic ascension as many are still only within the love frequency.

This is part of the control system, as the love frequency is what is holding them back. It is like when people say, you can reach god through Jesus. They are being taught that the only way to change this world is through love.

The only way to change this world is to become fully who you are in spirit, fully aware of all that is occurring. To bring every aspect of you within the 3rd dimension and prepare yourself to ascend out of the cycle of life and death.

This is what is needed to support the earth, as it will move you out of the limitations of a physical world. Allowing you to move into a deeper form of oneness. It will allow those that actually take this chance to become the new teachers within the new earth reality.

As we are going to need more than just people who know about what it is to move into the 5th dimension. The new earth reality is going to need teachers that know how to step out of the cycle of life and death. Cosmic ascension.

As long as you limit the possibilities, you will never be fully aware.

Remember you came to earth to become an ascended master walking the earth.

Ascended Masters are beings that have completed the cosmic ascension and have moved out of the cycle of life and death. Granted not all of them did it while alive, many did it through death, but took their physical body with them in death.

As the story of Jesus shows you, he changed his physical body into a light body. This is why you are here to do the same only a greater amount of people will be ascending as you at this time have the support of the frequencies that are being raised for the ascension of the earth.

Me: What about people that don’t believe this.

Isis: They should go within and find the answers. They should learn to speak to their own source being. They have to open up their awareness to reach the source level of their being and source within.

It is all about feeling, experiencing and knowing within all that is.

Do not limit yourself with beliefs as you reach higher parts of your being.

Just trusting that all will happen does not make it happen. All that is happening within your universe, the raising of the frequencies, the clearings. They are all actions. The many light workers that are assisting earth, their action is making it possible. It is the same for human beings, action is needed.

Trust is not an action, it is a perception or a belief.

This is not something that has just been decided and you are here to just be along for the ride. You all have chosen to be here to take part in the process, which means you take action to make the process possible.

The way to make it possible is to know what is happening on every level. To be able to counteract any influence that is preventing the process from happening. To ignore the competition would be foolish.

You all know this has been tried before, this is not the first cycle of 26.000 years.

You are here to work.

Yes you can take the ride into the 5th dimension, but you can also take the ride now and do everything you can to step out of this reality completely and ascend into a body of light.

The plan is not just coming from other beings, you are part of the group that was involved in the planning of this event. You prepared for this in other lifetimes, you set up the stage before you came here. Now it is time to play your part.

Me: What about other feelings than love?

Isis: You can use those feelings and transform them into action that might be needed. As you see something happening that is not right. You look at it, you feel your anger, or fear, or sadness. You look at what is needed to change the situation.

It might be changing the situation from an anger or fear based into a love based. There are many reasons for many feelings, and many actually feel these feelings even though they are within a state of love. They are there to bring something to your attention.

Me: What if you are being attacked by someone, I mean you could be walking the street and someone attacks you?

Isis: Feelings of fear and anger will always be within the reality you are now. They protect you at times as there might be a need for protection at times. You still love in a 3rd dimensional world within the limitation of the physical body. Only a small percentage of your world is within a love consciousness.

Anger is not what created wars, differences in belief systems have created that. Anger has made people stand up against it and is the reason why you are now able to read many of the messages. As people were angry because of the wars, the control and many other things related to belief systems that were there to control them. 

They got angry and started to look for something that could take them out of the control they were under. To say that anger can be useful is an understatement.

Anger can make you take action against what is wrong.

If you feel anger there is a need to find where it is coming from within you, access the situation and see what is needed to change it if you have to change anything.

Feelings are meant for you to take a deeper look within and see why you feel that way. No matter what the feeling is.

Fear can make you take action or have you stay in a state of non-action. As love is the opposite of fear they have the same attributes. Love can make you take action or keep you in a state of non-action.

As you bring both, fear and love together, they bring part of the oneness.

As someone can attack you in the physical, it will be needed to defend yourself. You use some of these feelings to transform them into a power within you that will assist you in defending yourself.

As your consciousness expands to a higher awareness, there is still a need to be careful. Not all spiritual realms are in a consciousness of oneness.

This does not mean you have to be in a state of fear. When you move into a state of oneness, there is awareness of all that is happening within you and outside of you.

Me: Is trust a feeling?

Isis: Trust is a belief, it is not a feeling, if I trust you I can feel something within me that says I can trust you. But most of all it is that I believe I can trust you. If I feel fear around you I will not trust you.

If I feel love around you I might trust you. I can be deceived however by someone who speaks with a satin tongue and makes me trust them, I belief what they are saying, trust what they are saying as they seem to have all the answers.

Me: As I understand ascension is happening all the time, we expand our awareness, our consciousness, raise our frequencies, these are all ascensions.

Isis: Yes these are all ascensions, as you are continuously ascending. Ascension means moving upward.

It is an ever evolving process of moving back and deeper into the oneness. There are completions of cycles in between. Like planetary ascension and cosmic ascension. Like the earth at this time completing a cycle within her evolutionary process.

Completion of planetary ascension and cosmic ascension can be done within the physical body. From there you are still ascending, and other cycles of completion will occur.

It is all part of returning to the oneness within you, and finding deeper levels of this oneness.

The oneness that you can experience within the physical body is only part of the oneness that you can experience within spirit.

You can know you are all one, but you have not experienced this oneness at all levels of your human being. If you did you would have no need for verbal communication. You would know the thoughts and feelings of each person on earth.

Me: Thank you.

Isis: Everything is within you as you explore the possibilities of each reality within.

Within the oneness we are connected.

We are One Being within the many universes, as we are within Source.