Ascension Techniques

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Ascension Techniques

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1. Call forth from Sanat Kumara, Vywamus, and your own Mighty I Am Presence for a firing of all your fire letters key codes, and sacred geometries from the twelve dimensions of reality. Upon doing this infinitesimally small fire letters, key codes and sacred geometric shapes will come pouring through your crown chakra and begin flowing through your entire meridian system. The higher you go in spiritual evolution, the more key codes and fire letters are available for activation and anchoring.

2. Call forth the Microtron by Metatron. The Microtron is a type of microchip and energy lattice work that is laid in that allows for the availability of the highest level of ascension energy one can potentially receive!

3. Call forth, directly and specifically, the ascension energies to come forth, down through the crown chakra. Djwhal Khul has told us that this can be seen as a golden white light. It is a good idea to start every meditation invoking this energy to make the ascension connection

4. Go to the golden chamber of Melchizadek and request to be initiated into the Order of Melchizadek by the Universal Logos, Melchizadek Himself. Whatever level of initiation you are at does not matter. Just ask to begin this process and ask for His blessing. Melchizadek is the Being that ensouls our entire Universe and it is the Order of Melchizadek which is the core, essence and antecedent of all spiritual teachings on planet Earth. Who better to be initiated into this order by than Melchizadek Himself!

5. Call forth to your own Mighty I Am Presence for the spinning of all your electrons at the Ascended Master frequency.

6. Call forth to Vywamus, Archangel Michael, and Djwhal Khul to place a golden dome of protection around you at all times, Request that Vywamus bring forth His Golden Hands like a net, through your fields and remove all alien implants, elementals, negative entities, imbalanced energy, and etheric mucous.

7. Call forth from Helios for the anchoring and activation of your Ascension Healing Module. This Module is a specific type of merkabah that upon request can be programmed for ascension activation. It can also be extremely helpful in facilitating the anchoring and firing of all the fire letters, key codes and sacred geometries I spoke of earlier.

8. Call forth from the Mahatma and your own Mighty I Am Presence for a widening of your antakharana and rainbow bridge both on a personal and cosmic level so a greater amount of God current can flow into your field.

9. Call forth to Vywamus, Djwhal Khul and the Earth Mother that your personal energies be integrated and aligned with the twelve Elohim computers in the Earth that are in the process of firing and activating over the next five years. As these Elohim computers fire, there will be a corresponding activation within your own being.

10. Call to the seven Ray Masters to shine through the third eye center and connect the force of the rainbow bridge and antakharana, into the light of the ascension column. Request that this be done through the entire chakra column, through the soul all the way back to the monad.

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