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Completing Planetary Ascension Category

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The Completing Planetary Ascension Category contains everything that is included in the  packages below.

The only difference is you can do everything in your own time and through guided mp3 meditations.

Except for J-seal removal and Metatronic implants.  I will contact you for a date and time.

The J-seal removal and Metatronic are long distance removals.   The included mp3 can be used after the removal if you would like to have a more clear experience. The mp3 will guide you through a replay of the removal.  .

The J-seal removal and Metarontic removal take about two to three days,

Package One is a great way to start.

This package is a long-distance removal of the J-Seals, Metatronic Implants, Templar Seal, Templar Axion Seal, Cell Death programs (Apoptosis), Crown of Thorns, and the Zeta Seal.

I will also check for any other implants, as well as cords and attachments that can be removed.

This Clearing takes about three to four days.

I will email you once I am Finished.

After that you can start on Package Two.

Package Two

Clearing of all the Chakras, the Lightbodies connected to the Physical Body, and a Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment.

This is a further clearing, but also balancing of the energies of the physical body. Allowing the physical body to adjust to be in its best energetic shape possible.

Package Two also takes about 4 days to complete and I will email you once I am finished.

After that you can start Package Three.

Package Three

Retrieval of the Love, Power and Wisdom Crystals, a disconnecting from the Planetary Grid, and a Completion of Planetary Ascension.

This is a completion of Package One and Two.

It Balances the Physical Body, but also protects the Physical Body against taking in too many energies from the physical surroundings. The return of the Love, Power and Wisdom Crystals lets you stand more in your Own Power, and Allows you to take more control of the physical and spiritual. It will ground you, as well as allow you to stay more balanced and more resistant against physical influences.

All these Packages are done long distance and all I need is your name.

This is a beginning, you can stop here, or move further on your path toward spiritual and physical growth. Just let me know, or ask questions as to what could be next for you.

You can find the packages here Start Here on your Spiritual Journey

You can find the separate processes here Completing Planetary Ascension


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