Energy Signature Clearing

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Energy Signature Clearing

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Energy Signature Clearing is a good way to prevent others from influencing us from influencing others. we might do this consciously or unconsciously.

Did you know you have an energy signature?

The energy signature that is unique to you was originally put into place in order for all parts of you to be able to find itself in each incarnation.

In Lifetimes prior to this one, soul (spirit) leaves and crosses over into other worlds; mind either goes with the soul into the other worlds.

It “dies” with the physical body and stays energetically with the spiritual body.

Or it goes back to the universal mind waiting for the time to be re-united with body and soul (this is really dependent upon choice of the mind).

The body “dies” a physical death (since energy cannot be destroyed, changes into to energy and waits for reunion with mind and spirit (soul)).

So you have your trinity (body, mind (logic and emotion), and sprit (soul) scattered all over.

Until the next incarnation where it “collects” itself (the three parts), and has a lifetime.

Energy Signature Clearing

This energy signature has been extremely important for all parts to come together and to recognize each other.

The problem started when we, as humans, have inventively, curiously, and manipulatively used this energy signature.  Mostly for other reasons than recognition of self.  Mostly, it has been unconscious.

We send out our energy signatures to clients, friends, etc. as a way of signing our “work”.  The work can be hands on healing, absentee energy healing, talk therapy, cooking meals, favors, etc.

What happens when we do this (remember, it is probably  unconscious)?

We have provided a path or trail between us (the sender) and the client (the receiver).

We have “signed” our work.  (Remember again, this is not the intent for the energy signatures).

It influences your energy field

So as the person processes and releases the processed “stuff”, it has a trail back to the originator, it follow the signature.

This means that you, as a practioner, will get a very, very heavy clouded, crowded energy field, filled with processed processes of others.

Although it doesn’t enter your body, it remains in your auric field waiting to be processed.

The client, remember, is done with it.  But without meaning to unconsciously sends the stuff back to you because there is a path provided by the energy signature).

Also, some practioners actually consciously “sign” their work with the intent of providing a way for future business.

It is a more sophisticated way of “hooking”, but cannot be seen as a “hook”.

Until this lifetime

Up until this lifetime, the signature has served a purpose.

There was really no way other than having this energy signature in place for all parts to find self.

It is time to remove the energy signature and replace it with 3 parts of a “key/lock/GPS system only recognizable to your “self”.

That way, you can travel, dream, do out of body stuff and have a GPS/loc/key system unique only to you to help you “collect” self.

Itdoesn’t affect or sign the energy work you do anymore

.The energy signature is located in a particular place in your head (physical).

Removal and Replacement

Removal and replacement with GPS/lock/key system is extremely precise.

And very delicate because of all the nerves, arteries, veins, etc. entwined in the head.

This removal is not an energetic snap, the signature is gone or think, whap, the signature is gone.

It is really an operation involving delicate techniques developed specifically for this so no harm can be done to the individual.

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