Personal connections, energy connections and more.

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Personal connections, energy connections and more.

you are standing in the water

I get a lot of comments from people on my YouTube channel and some other places.

Why use a different voice, why not put a picture up of myself and so on?

So let me tell you the reason.

I do not like it when people connect to my energy.

They can do this through the sound of my voice, looking at a picture, they even try to hook into my websites.

When people do this, they do not always have the best intentions.

I have been attacked many times; I can tell you that its not fun.

Especially when you are sensitive to energies.

Let me give you an example.

I was doing a workshop, over the phone. After the workshop was done and I had hung up, my heart started racing.

It was racing so fast I thought I needed to call an ambulance.

This lasted for at least an hour until my heart slowed down.

Lucky for me I am good at looking at and seeing energies. So, after some time I was able to look at.

I put a shield of protection around myself. And I could see what was happening.

I could see where the energies were coming from and found out I had holes everywhere in my energy bodies.

It took me weeks if not months to heal myself from that.

Now every time I feel my heart starting to race, I know I am under attack.

Working on shielding and protecting myself is a full-time thing. Never let your guard down.

As that was not the first time and it will not be the last time.

I see many lightworkers say that if you do not belief in it, it will not happen.

They are usually the ones attacking me though.

There is still so much ego in many of them.

I do not need to be on the frontpage of my website.

 I do not need to be the one telling the story on my you tube videos.

Al my videos are for information just as every message on my websites is for information.

What everyone does with it is up to them.

You can buy things in my store or not.

Most people that come to me are guided by their own higher self or guides.

People are ready when they are ready.

And each person will have their own experience.

They can stay or leave. It is not up to me.

Some people will feel nothing, others feel amazing things happening.

I saw one comment on one of my you tube videos. Someone said they were an energy worker and had a j-seal removal after a client had one.

The client had an amazing experience. The energy worker felt nothing.

The energy worker decided because they felt nothing, I was a fake. Yet their client had an amazing experience.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Like I said, people experience things differently. What if the energy worker had already decided beforehand that I am a fake?

Or their ego was a little bruised that their client had such an amazing experience with me, but not with them.

I always find these things funny, as many lightworkers are always about love and light.

Yet attacking another lightworker publicly on their YouTube channel is no problem for them.

As an energy worker you should know that every person feels different, they might feel nothing, or they might feel everything.

I know for myself I block a lot of things out. My husband will tell me when he walks past me that he can feel my headache. I do not have a headache.

Or my energy feels awful, most of the time I am working on someone, doing a j-seal removal or something like that. I do not feel it, I block it out.

I do not need to know every little thing happening. But others do want to know every little thing happening.

So yes, no picture, not my voice and my websites are protected.

There are no energies coming out of my websites that will hook into you either.

I have experienced this with many websites from other energy workers.

It is a way of trying to make you buy something, or just use your energies.

Even after working on you, they will stay hooked in.

I do not do this and do not need to hook into your energies to do any energy work.

No one should have to do that, there is no need to do that.

It is just plain wrong to hook into someone’s energies.

Hope this explains a little bit of why I do not post any pictures and do not use my own voice.

This is something I learned along the way of working on myself and with others.

There are times to be serious and time to have fun.

I would not be doing this work if I didn’t have fun doing it.