Twelve Temples of Emerging Essence, Diamond Consciousness

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Twelve Temples of Emerging Essence, Diamond Consciousness

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The Twelve Temples of Emerging Essence or templates of the dodecahedron geometry represent the 12 divine attributes.

Emanating from within the God- Seed of our essence.

Each of us is a particular expression of the mystery we call God.

12 times we will enter the mystery of that consciousness and draw forth the essence to shape it with our own unique soul signature.

The repetition of doing this 12 times is an alchemical formula to restore the Christos blueprint.

A dedication for this purpose will greatly enhance the substantiation of your essence.

There is no linear progression to the emergence of Essence.

Each facet is a portal for the wholeness of clear, luminous essence to materialize its innate creative substance.

Every facet supports, sustains and illuminates every other facet revealing itself.

As a diamond-like dodecahedron in the innermost crystalline core of what we reference as the pineal gland.

Interacting with this sacred geometric form activates our subtle circuitry to connect with the higher intelligence of our Divine Immortal Blueprint.

Twelve Temples of Emerging Essence

Temple of Innocence & Trust
Temple of Magic & Manifestation
Temple of Abundance & Beneficence.
Temple of Healing & Harmony
Temple of Sacred Union
Temple of Love
Temple of Wisdom & Omniscience
Temple of Power & Strength
Temple of Destiny & Purpose
Temple of Peace
Temple of Freedom & Truth
Temple of Mastery

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