Planetary Ascension, how to complete it.

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Planetary Ascension, how to complete it.

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First we would like to explain what Planetary Ascension can do for you.

Planetary Ascension is where you raise the physical frequency of the human body to a 5th dimensional frequency. This will assist you in living more clearly from the heart center.  You will be more balanced within the 3rd dimensional frequency.  Starting the work on moving deeper and more fully within to reach a more awakened state within the human body.

Many of you are actually working on both Planetary and Cosmic Ascension.

Many of you however forgot to finish Planetary Ascension.

You have to complete Planetary Ascension to be able to fully anchor all that you do within the Cosmic Ascension Process.  There has to be a basic 5th dimensional frequency.  For the physical body to start anchoring and fully transforming higher frequencies within the physical body.

You are moving into higher frequencies.  But the anchoring of these frequencies within the physical human body does not happen fully.

This is one of the reasons many of you are moving or shifting more between feelings of being in balance and feelings of being off balance. Meaning many of you are shifting constantly between a 3rd dimensional frequency and a 5th dimensional frequency.

The completion of Planetary Ascension brings in stability into the physical body to support staying within the 5th dimensional frequency.  This frequency is present upon earth.  It will bring more balance within you as you will be less affected by the 3rd dimensional frequencies around you.

Planetary Ascension Series.

Part I through part IV, we focus on the completion of Planetary Ascension.

This has been described in “ The Isis Light Body Process for Planetary Ascension”, channeled by Petra Margolis.

Planetary Ascension I. Retrieving all Love, Power and Wisdom Crystal and returning them into the 7 chakras.

This will assist you in finding and returning all Love, Power and Wisdom Crystals.  We will have them returned into the 7 chakras within the physical body. Once they have all been retrieved, we will initiate the activation of the Threefold Flame within all 7 chakras.

Planetary Ascension II. Clearing all 7 chakras and opening and activating chakra 8 through 12.

Clearing all 7 chakras within the physical body allowing the Threefold Flames in each chakra to run at its fullest capacity.

Included is opening and activating chakra 8 through 12.

From there we will initiate the merging of the Threefold Flame into one Golden Flame.  Bringing chakras 1 through 12 into alignment using the newly activated Golden Flame.

Planetary Ascension III. Clearing and anchoring of the Light Bodies connected to the physical body.

Clearing the Light Bodies connected to the physical body.





Once they are cleared we will initiate the merger of the chakras of these Light Bodies with the chakras.  This allows for the physical body to adjust easier to the higher 5th dimensional frequencies.

Planetary Ascension IV. Completing the process of Planetary Ascension.

Assistance in bringing in the chakras 8 through 12 into the physical body.  Initiating the merger of chakra 12 with the crown chakra.

We will bring the Pearl of Wisdom located in the Pineal Gland up to the newly merged crown chakra where it will create the Lotus.

The lotus will slowly open up as you start working on Cosmic Ascension.

How many times (how often) do I have to listen to the meditations?

You only have to listen to the meditation in each workshop once.  The activations are completed during the first time you listen to the meditation.

You can listen to it more than once if you like.

Sometimes you might have missed parts of what happened when you listened to the meditation the first time. Listening to the meditation can give you more of an understanding of what happened.

It does not have any effect on the integration or the activation within the physical body if you listen to it more than once. The integration is an automatic process that will happen no matter if you listen to the meditation only once or more times.

How long do I have to wait between each activation?

Normally I would say about one week between each workshop. This is however changing as many are already working on parts of the Cosmic Ascension Process.  The integration of the activations and energies will be faster.

My advice would be to feel within yourself as to how fast and how much you can handle. Some people are able to do one workshop/activation set per day. Some people do need the week, or at least one or more days in between.

The energies within each of the activations are usually fully integrated within one week or less.  It all depends upon where you are at the moment of the activations. Each person is different.