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Awaken to Your Inner Self

Enlightenment Activations meditations

Align with GOD: This session helps you to align with God/Creator. The trigger word for this after ordering this session is”I now align with GOD” and used whenever you need to. Antahkarana Activation: An activation from GOD to help you to build the rainbow bridge of light to connect your personality with your soul. Ascension…
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follow the path

Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment: Defragmentation Recalibration

It has always been a great mystery to me that I clear so much in myself and I have great shielding. And yet it seems that there is always more debris to clear out. Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment: Defragmentation Recalibration assist in clearing and shielding by Defragmentation and Recalibration. It is a three-step process really.…
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Enlightenment Clearings and Activations

Enlightenment Clearings and Activations will propel you forward into a state of enlightenment. This is to assist you in becoming a fully conscious being,. There are always clearings and activations on the path toward enlightenment and these are a few of them that will assist you on that path. Enlightenment Clearings and Activations Align with…
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climb to the top

The Black Pearl and Blue Lotus activations

At the time of the the Black Pearl and Blue Lotus activations I wrote this down. The Black Pearl consists of five activations. The Blue Lotus has two activations. These activations are very powerful activations. And I am not saying this lightly. I have gone through these activations myself while I was teaching a workshop.…
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