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Stairway to Heaven

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The stairway to Heaven is an initiation ritual that was used throughout time to enter into the light body and become one with all that is. Meaning the physical becomes one with the spiritual.

This is a step by step journey into the body of light and is done through five initiations.

The knowledge for these initiations has been lost for a long time. It is said that the Knight Templars knew about this and maybe even practiced it.

From old hieroglyphs found in Egypt, and stories in the bible we can say it was probably known during the time of Isis and the time Mary Magdalene and Jesus were on alive.

Gates into Heaven

In Egypt certain rituals were used to go through the gates into heaven.

I believe, and I was told by Mary Magdalene and Jesus, that these initiations were practiced by them before and during the crucifixion. the Bible tell us Jesus was anointed with oil several times by Mary and then he died at the cross. He stayed in his tomb for three days and returned in his light body.

I have been working with Mary Magdalene and Isis to bring these initiations and these energies onto earth at this time.

They have told me it is a path that you can choose to follow, and will take some time to complete.
They are here to assist everyone that chooses to follow this path.


Five Initiations

The path is taken in five initiations.

The first one being the energies of the Anointing Oil.

This initiation will bring in the frequencies necessary to take the step of releasing all that is not needed anymore.

The second one is the energies of the Cross and the crucifixion.

This initiation helps the physical and spiritual bodies to start transforming the energies into light.

The third one is the Tomb.

This initiation is a three day balancing of the spiritual, physical and emotional bodies. It is like the old you is dying and the new you is getting ready to take its place.

The fourth one is the Stairway to Heaven.

This initiation is where you completely and fully say yes to the new you. Meaning saying yes to the spiritual and physical to become one.

The fifth and final initiation is the Tree of Life.

This initiation is where the physical and spiritual fully connect so you can become a being of light.

As you can see this is something that takes time.

Once you decide to follow this path you will be guided and assisted by Mary Magdalene and Isis.

There is no time limit and you can take this path at your own pace.

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