Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms

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Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms. In order to build a new foundation.  Each of us must untangle ourselves from the mental/mind paradigm and unplug from the third dimensional matrix and web of mass/duality consciousness.

Each set of these powerful mastery activations help liberate us.  From being tied into the prevailing mass/duality consciousness of humanity so that you can get your world service work out into the world.

A lot of people are held to the mental paradigm or the paradigm of the mind because they are still plugged into the matrix and vice versa.

The 3D Matrix

The 3D matrix and the mental paradigm are a very strong combination and they both hold humanity back it is important for people to heal both areas.

You will  receive a transmission of the energies for each set of all the levels of activation.

This is where you receive what is aligned for your highest good at that time.

The activation is time released so that as you grow and evolve and as the planet does as well.

You will be constantly upgraded by your soul with new energies.

Energies from  Unplugging from the 3D Matrix and Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm mastery activations.

It is only the beginning

This is only the beginning as there are many interferences in place to prevent you from moving within to the purest part of you.

This is not a simple process and requires many to let go of beliefs and truths that they have held onto for a long time.

These clearing and activations are focused on the interferences that are present within and around the earth.  As well as within the mental, mind and energy bodies of each person. Iit requires a release of energy connections that have held us back for a long time.

We have already done many activation and clearings.  Yet, at this time we are finally ready to release the interferences in the 3D holographic matrix.  The energies at this time are ready for us to begin anew within new levels of understanding.

We have come a long way before the shift. Now we are following the path again.  Much of the activations we were able to do before the shift. Theycan now be completed to move to the last steps of teachings that will become available.

It is like we did all the preparation already and are now completing the process.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part I

The first part is where we disconnect the mind from the 3D matrix to give free access to what is within ourselves.  Without interference of the hologram that is our 3D matrix

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm

This activation clear and heals parts of the mental mind as it starts to become more aware of the true reality within you.Top of FormBottom of Form

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part II

This activation will assist in clearing many of the illusions that are within our mind about earth and the true reality upon earth.

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm.

This activation will release many thought forms and belief systems related to the old and new reality you are experiencing.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part III

This activation is where the mind becomes connected to the real you.  As far as you can receive the guidance within.  This activation will constantly upgrade you to new levels of self within.

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm.

This activation connects you to the higher mind within, clearing any connection still left to the old perception of reality within you.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part IV

This activation will take your understanding to a new level as the mind connect to the higher energies of the 5th dimension and above. This will be continuously upgraded through this activation.

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm.

In this activation we will connect with your universal mind.  Your universal mind will assist you in moving deeper within to find more of the real you within.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part V

A deep clearing of illusions/fear.  the beginning of rewiring the electromagnetic as the etheric bodies are being upgraded.  They will receive and anchor more of the real you.

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm.

A deep healing of energetic fractures within the brain, the spine and more.  As the fractures are being healed and sealed creating a strengthening of your energy fields.  You anchor more and more of the higher parts of you here upon earth.

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Part VI

A deeper and more extended clearing of duality at more levels.  This clearing will continue each time you reach deeper levels within you. Allowing for deeper levels of understanding.  Remembering more of your real being and state of being, recognition of who you are.

Healing the Mental/Mind Paradigm Part.

The connection between the heart and the mind becomes one with the higher mind.  You begin to understand the truth that lies within you. The crystals within the brain are activated and connected to the heart, mind and higher mind.  This will allow you to receive clear and full understanding each time you move deeper within your own being.

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