REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS, return Original Programming

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REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS, return Original Programming

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REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS. Restoration of our original programming from the time we came from source.  When we were created in Source.

Our physical human body and light bodies have gone through many manipulations and adjustments over millions of years.

In us we hold the entire history of adjustments and manipulations that were made to the physical human body. Our light bodies hold the entire history of the adjustments that were made to them over millions of years.

Original Programming

This is a complete reprogramming of your light bodies to Source as they were at the original creation, what is called “the Spark”.

The same for the Human physical body.

A complete reprogramming of the human body to accept all ascension processes.  Ascension processes were originally programmed into the human physical body.

This was before they were altered to adjust to the present times.

It is sort of like rebooting your computer, you wipe everything clean and restore all the original programming, we will do this for the human physical body and all light bodies all the way up to Source.

My experience

I have undergone this process myself some time ago and for me it felt like all old thought systems went away.

The chatter in my head about what was wrong and right, was gone.

It seemed as if I started all over.

But this time I could just follow the flow.

Have new information come in and understand it right away instead of having to go through all that I knew first.

Adjustment to physical and lightbodies

The other thing was that every adjustment that was made to my physical and light bodies was instantaneously experienced.

I know at one point it also felt like they took out my brain and there was just nothing there.

When I got it back everything was so clear, there was this instant understanding of many things that I could not comprehend before that.

The changes to my physical body became completely activated instead of partially.

The changes to my light bodies were even more profound and I could see multi-dimensionally at all times.

Now this was my experience, and it might be slower or faster for others.

Return to original design

All I know is that you will return to the original design of your light bodies and human physical body.

Which will allow for complete restoration and return to source, to our origin.

This will allow for all of you to become fully integrated into your source being.

We have done many workshops for the cosmic ascension.

And in many of those workshops there were light codes released into your physical and light bodies.


The complete restoration to your original programming allows for those light codes to be fully activated.

It’s like many of the “new” programs are already in you waiting to be opened.

These light codes are the activations and programming for you to return to your original state of source.

For the complete restoration of your original source being.

We will start with the complete clearing of old programming.

Old systems that were useful at one time but not needed in this time. It is a complete clearing of our hard drive.


I can explain it like sort of a chatter that is on there, the chatter is interfering.

It interferes with you receiving fully the information from your own source being and from there source itself.

This process will be done with the assistance of the Arcturians.

We will start with the human physical body first.

After thiat we will restore the original programming for the human physical body.

More light codes will be brought in and put as packages on your now clean hard drive.

Ready for you to open when you have reached the correct frequency.

Light packages

I know many already have those light packages and they will be put on the hard drive the moment we restore the original programming.

You can see it this way.

If you know something about computers, when you download a new program.

It usually comes in compact form and needs to be opened with another program.

The program needed to open the light packages was in our original programming, it is not there anymore.

So when we restore our original programming.

We will  have the program needed to open these light packages.

Theselight packages contain the activations and codings needed to restore ourselves back to our original being.

The light packages and codes also contain information needed for you to follow your path back to your origin.

Restored the original programming

Once we have restored the original programming we can start clearing out the light bodies.

We originally started as light beings created from source.

Many adjustments were made to the light bodies to sustain a life in the physical dimensions.

We lost contact with many of our light bodies as we lost contact with source.

All the adjustments will be cleared.

The old programming will be cleared and once this has been completed, we can restore our light body programs back to the original programs we had when we were created from source.

Light codes

Light codes will be brought in to activate the original programming once you have reached each level of integration and frequency.

So the light bodies will become fully active and in its original state of being when you have reached that level.

What this does is that it allows for the source energy to flow without interference through all light bodies.

This whole process brings to you the original programming of your physical and light bodies.

This is what we were and what we return to.

Our origin, our Spark, our Source.

A complete reboot of our bio-computer system

A complete reboot of our bio-computer system and a complete reboot of our universal, galactic and cosmic consciousness.

Complete restoration to our origin.

This is done in 4 levels.

Complete clearing of old programming

Restore the original programming

A complete reboot of our bio-computer system

New programming activated

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