Activations and Body Codings

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Activations and Body Codings

reflections are a part of clearing

You will be given Activations and Body Codings to effectuate very specific shifts to your vibration.

This will make you magnetic to opportunities for deeper fulfilment and true prosperity.

The activations effectuate clearing and reprogramming at deep levels.

All limitation with regard to your relationship to money.

Distorted beliefs that keep you in lack, and emotional patterns that entangle you in financial worry, and so forth.

By accepting the activations, your spiritual power will begin to flow to create the new magnetisms in your mental body.

To enable the activation to filter down into the emotional and physical bodies.

So that it activates in your life as a physical reality.

These are referred to as body codings, which are done via magnetism.

Healing via Magnetic Resonance

Thought is magnetic, and by changing the magnetic flows in the body.  You can quickly change thoughts, emotional patterns and their translation into chemical codes in the physical body.

Changing the body at the magnetic level impact on all levels of your multi-dimensionality.

Fundamentally your magnetic patterns determine what you consistently draw into and repel from your life.

Magnetism is instantaneous and it’s power can potentially be infinite.

It has as lower limit the speed of light, and has no upper limit.

And thus there is no limit to the power within the body.

These activations reprogram your magnetic power in specific ways.

To help you achieve more desirable states of being and subsequent conditions in your life.

Your Life in Your Body

Your entire life takes place within your body, and outer life is a reflection of processes taking place within your body.

When you shift the body within, you can make anything happen on the outside.

The body is like a movie projector, and external life is the screen upon which you view the movie.

The source of movie you are watching is your body. So change the film, and you change the movie you are watching.

Similarly, change your body, and you change your life.

Not many people understand the science of the body.  And very few can make very deliberate changes at the level of the body to effect direct changes in life.

These activations take care of this for you.

And since the body is the movie projector, and changing the film changes the life you are witnessing.  When you conscientiously change certain parts of the film, you can change your life easily enough.

Infinite Flexibility and Intelligence

These activations work with your current situation.

So that if there are things that need to occur to prepare you to allow and receive the activations.

Your spiritual power will ensure that magnetic codes are produced that will initiate that process.

Until you are fully ready to receive them in a manner that is harmonious to your system.

The codings are infinite, and so the activations can repeated often.

And they will deepen the shifts in you each time.

There is no limit to the spiritual power you can tap into in your life and there is not limit to your evolution.

Furthermore, unlike physical computer codes, etheric codes are maintained.

And executed by live consciousness that is continually perfecting them.

Thus, you can interact with it (by intention) by adding specific requests.

Or refining or altering the activation within its general scope.

These activations are portals into infinite coding that will work with you as deeply as you are receptive to be shifted.

Activations and Body Codings

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