Affirming the Changes Within

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Affirming the Changes Within

you are the flower

Affirming the Changes Within supports numerous life-transforming changes towards greater power.

Connection to Source, and overall enlightenment as to your role in creation.

Affirming the Changes Within ensures that you are also shifted in specific ways to enable the accelerated manifestation of your true desires.

These activations may be used on affirmations, which state your desired creations verbally.

Or on your imaginations of what you desire, which may be something completely new.

On transformation of some unwanted limiting condition.

It may be used on physical issues, conditions and circumstances.

To improve relationships, to manifest the grandest of dreams, etc.

Verbal affirmations or imaged desires

Whether verbal affirmations or imaged desires, Affirming the Changes Within, will execute a set of seven key steps.

These will ensure, increasingly with each step.

That you are becoming a VIBRATIONAL MATCH TO YOUR DESIRES at ever deeper levels.

So that manifestation is assured as your power to wield the law of Attraction is increased.

With each step, your energy is cleared of all blocking influences.

And all frequencies needed to align more deeply to your desires are infused and integrated into your body.

These steps, which are are summarized in the  below.

Affirming the Changes Within

  1. Establish acceptance of current condition

Necessary step to allow movement and change

Increases self-understanding so you can leave unwanted conditions

Clears, guilt, shame, blame, judgment

Give you your ‘bearings’ in life so you can know your direction and game plan

  1. Clearing of hooks and identification with current dysfunctional conditions

Emancipation from past and new level of empowerment

Opens up new options

Seeds impulse to reach for better

  1. Resolve hidden agendas and neediness

Clears unhealthy etheric connections to external surrogate sources of fulfilment

Plugs you into true sources of fulfilment

Vibrating wholeness and energies of all needs fulfilled so they will manifest in outer form

Imparts clarity and directness

Attracting even grander potential than you are able to imagine

  1. Purify and align desires to Creator intent

Alignment to true Self and Creator intent

Harmonize with divine universal laws

Sense of fulfilment

Empowerment and enlightenment

Desires activated in all dimensions

Ability to wield the power of the universe

  1. Clear resistances to desired reality

Mental/emotional allowing of what is for your highest good

Ability to reach for and receive the new

Perception of current conditions as gradations of joy – firmly anchored on path of growth

  1. Accept and Immerse in desires in their fulfilled state (Ability to hold new desired reality)

Propensities, capacities, and structures programmed into the body, to be able to hold and sustain the new reality

Infusion and enforced anchoring of energies of desires in their fulfilled state

Radiating a vibrational match to desires fulfilled

  1. Ongoing guidance and energetic support

Guidance to most optimal pathway to desires

Magnetic tracking system to optimal future

New insights, capacities, energies to support you toward your desired creation.

Monitoring and reprogramming of opposing thoughts and negative self-talk

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Affirming the Changes Within

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