Anchor In a Joyful Reality

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Anchor In a Joyful Reality

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Anchor In a Joyful Reality: Support Activations for these Times of Chaos

This is a great time on the planet for anyone to seek greater wakefulness. Deepen their alignment with the Source of everything within.

Expand consciousness and raise their vibration by aligning with the earth’s mission of ascension.

Times of great chaos are the greatest opportunities to impact the new ordering of things and future directions—both on a personal and global level.

The biggest challenge for most people will be to disengage the mind from reacting to outer conditions with fear,.

And to remain centered and able to create from visions of goodness and beauty within.

These activations were developed to address the great challenges that many people are facing with the current upheaval.

And uncertainty in financial markets as well as the many personal challenges being experienced in these times of tremendous change.

1- Physical and Spiritual Grounding and Alignment

Being physically grounded in earth energies will help you stay present with the tremendous changes that are occurring.

Grounding will prevent reactions of wanting to escape in fear, while presence will enable positive transformation…

This activation will support you to move from panic and resistance toward welcoming the changes and ensuring movement within.

Disallowing frozen energies that are necessary for the experience of fear…

2- Stopping Unconscious Replication of Chaos & Fear from Mass Consciousness

There is great fear on a global scale due to the current economic crisis.

Now more than ever we are witnessing how interconnected we all are and how chaos in one area affects all areas of life.

Mass consciousness is gripped in visions of doom, scarcity, recession, or even depression.

It is easy to get caught in the drama, especially when one’s own asset base is dwindling and job security is gone.

And while you may personally be attempting to apply methods of conscious creation and increase your faith in a positive future.

If you are unconsciously replicating mass consciousness patterns you will feel it’s an uphill battle.

Most people are not sufficiently conscious that they can easily sense the deeper negative influences they are picking up.

Replication is an automatic process that serves us well when the environment is beneficent and all is rooted in love.

But it is imprisoning otherwise.

This activation prevents all fear-based replication that is not aligned to your highest good.

It also clears all energetic allowance and weaknesses that enables a person to be impacted by the destructive and chaotic thoughtforms and forces of mind-control and manipulation.

3- Ability to Embrace Major and Continuous Change and Perceive the Positive Potential Within

The planetary changes are accelerating and the intensity will be with us for some time.

This activation will support you to new ways of perceiving things as your familiar world continues to shift before your eyes.

Many people are experiencing personal upheaval as the possibility for accelerated purification.

And evolution in consciousness is now possible.

It is a time where all aspects of the false self are being exposed, and while it may feel uncomfortable.

You will move through with far greater ease if you can keep focused on where you are headed.

This activation supports you toward new ways of perceiving things by connecting you at deeper levels of understanding.


To the resolutions toward which you may move. In this manner.

The immediate fearful effects become transparent as you can now see past.

And the wonderful transformations that exist as potential within the events.

When you perceive or sense from a higher vantage point

You no longer will dwell on the immediate discomfort of change

But will already resonate with the new reality now.

So not only will you move through with greater ease, but also by your openness,.


New opportunities will come that could not when in a state of mind that was negatively influenced by outer conditions.

Your conscious mind is the instrument of evolution in this dimension.

How it responds to events and conditions impacts on the possibilities that may unfold for you.

So long as your inner state of being is emancipated from outer conditions.

You are a powerful agent of change in your reality.

This activation provides deep support for you to think from the absolute rather than from outer conditions.

4- Being Fully Awake and Moving in Synchrony with the Times 

This is a time of consciousness expansion in which we each have the opportunity for greater empowerment and responsibility.

In terms of what we are co-creating on the planet.

Whether we like it or not, manifestation is accelerating and so greater accountability toward life is now necessary.

Responsibility is not a burden, but rather it is the ability to respond to life.

Each one of us now has the opportunity to expand and follow the path of ascension into a new world order.

This activation will support greater wakefulness in these important times.

It ensures inner motion, disallowing stagnancy that translates into complacency and sleepiness.

As you work with this activation, you will be assisted to see more clearly—to see the lies.

The concealment or manipulation, and the ignorance and misguided practices going on around you.

You will have much greater clarity and discernment, so that you can more easily choose what supports the highest good of all.

With greater understanding and insight comes greater choice and ability to positively impact on life.

Choosing alignment with truth and positive evolution in all that you are and do.

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