Part 3 Building the Foundation of our Cosmic Diamond Body.

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Part 3 Building the Foundation of our Cosmic Diamond Body.

You are the light

This new series will start rebuilding the energy within the physical body and spiritual bodies from the earth level up to the highest level within.

The highest level that can be reached is Source.

The importance is in the fact that we have the opportunity to rebuild our way back to our origins as we move toward the center of our galaxy where many alignments are going to take place.

The Flower of Life and all platonic solids and more are what we have used as building blocks to start our way of living as a human within the physical body.

On our way down into the lowest level, the 3rd dimension, we deconstructed these building blocks to adjust to the 3rd dimensional frequencies/energies.

By rebuilding these blocks back into our physical and spiritual bodies, we give ourselves the opportunity to connect more deeply within, to rebuild another part of the path within and rebuild what we can call the ladder within that will assist us in taking the steps up the mountain out of this reality.

There are so many clues within our history that we have not understood up until now, and at this moment we are given the understanding that we can move out of this reality, whether it is to move into the new earth reality, or move completely out of this earth reality back to our origin.

This is ancient knowledge that is depicted in many of the paintings, hieroglyphs and more that can be found in many of the sacred places upon earth.

All we needed was the understanding and we are receiving more understanding as we are now so close to the shift within consciousness of humanity.

We are the path builders for all of them as we build our own path back within.

The path will become more clear as we move up the mountain with each step we take and clear the path for others to follow.

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