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Awaken to Your Inner Self

you are the rock

Questions J-Seal/Jehovian Seal removal

What are seals? You all know about the 7 seals in the bible, they are not the 7 Jehovian seals within the physical body. The 7 seals and you can read the passages that are described within the bible are metaphors for what these seals represent. The first six seals have been opened and the…
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we can see the truth

Chakra clearing and balancing

Many think that Chakra clearing and balancing needs to be a long time work as many teachings have taught us. It is not needed to go through every little bit of negativity that has been building up within each chakra. More important is to find a balanced state of releasing any blocks of negative emotions.…
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bridge over water

Clearing and anchoring of the Light Bodies

Clearing and anchoring of the Light Bodies connected to the physical body. Never before has humanity been ready for this transition to seek the higher dimensions of reality. You have but to seek the light inside yourselves to understand your divinity and God-given right to achieve the higher realms of Ascension and evolution! This is…
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feel the energy of nature

Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment

The Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment prepares you to be a Divine Instrument for Spirit. It also allows for the preparation for the frequencies of energy from Spirit to move through you, your hands and your total being. You will also experience a Higher Light Integration in this meditation. This allows for you to build your light…
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even a storm can guide the way

 Metatronic Implants, Templar Seal & more

Metatronic Implants, Templar Seal, Templar Axion Seal, Cell Death programs (Apoptosis), Crown of Thorns, and the Zeta Seal. Apart from the J-Seals these are other implants and seals which affect our DNA template. This is a long-distance removal, I will send you an email once payment is received for a time and date. Metatronic Implants…
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you are the flower

Reclaim and return the love, power, wisdom crystals

 Reclaim and return the love, power and wisdom crystals within our 7 chakras within the physical body. In each chakra there are three crystals, the crystals of power, wisdom, and love. As we move through life and we encounter and exchange energies between people we occasionally leave some of our crystals behind to others. Because…
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the future is bright

Planetary Grid, how to disconnect

Disconnecting from the Planetary Grid. This old earth grid and yes most of you are connected to this. The old grid is a hologram that has been syphoning off your energies and has been and still is used for control. To send fear and other information that is being received by you and the collective…
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the path is clear

Completing Planetary Ascension, Raise your Frequency

Completing Planetary Ascension, raise your Frequency, what can it do for you. Planetary Ascension is where you raise the physical frequency of the human body to a 5th dimensional frequency. This will assist you in living more clearly from the heart center. Be more balanced within the 3rd dimensional frequency. Start the work on moving…
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