Change Chakras into Elektrons, completing the connection

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Change Chakras into Elektrons, completing the connection

we are all one

Changing Chakras into Elektrons is important as it brings in a full connection within the chakras and makes them spin like one.

Once all twelve chakras are inside the physical body, we can then change the chakras into electrons.

Why change into Electrons?

Electrons are important for bringing the Crystalline body into physicality.

And what is really cool with electrons is there are no more cords or hooks or energetic connections that take your energy.

Many people have been working on clearing the chakras, balancing them.

Bringing in more chakras

When the Seven main chakras inside the physical body arecompletely clear and fully open.  And running the energies full time.  You can start bringing in the additional chakras.

They move into different places and as far as I have seen it, this can be different for everyone.

The other thing that happens is that the chakra colors change and become more integrated.

The energies between the chakras start to balance with each other.  Until the energies are not just running through each specific chakra, but through all chakras.

One of the integrations needed for Cosmic Ascension is to have all 12 chakras inside the physical body.

The 13th chakra will reside just above the crown and all higher chakras will be above that in the spiritual bodies.

Bringing in 12 chakras

We only need to bring in the Twelve chakras at this time. Once they are in, open and balanced, the energies will run up and down through all twelve.

Once we have this, the next step is to change all chakras into electrons.

This is a very different experience.

I noticed that at this point, the chakras look like two channels.

One on each side and in the middle you have the Three crystals of Love, Power and Wisdom.

When this has been completed, the change of the chakras into electrons, it will take some time.

Core crystalline tube

But this is the beginning of the core crystalline tube that will run through your body from top to bottom.

This crystalline core is the base for the physical crystalline body.

This is done by connecting all chakras, and imploding them, that’s how it felt to us.  The crystalline tube appears and you will not have

physical chakras inside the body anymore.

My experience after changing chakras into elektrons

In my experience after Change Chakras into Elektrons, completing the connection.

It allowed for an even more greater amount of light to be held in the physical body.

It gave me a much greater sense and awareness of all that is me.

Every activation and integration of energies was faster and easier than ever before.

And it allowed for me to anchor the Adam Kadmon Body last year in the physical body.

Can it be done by someone else

Many will say this is something that cannot be done by someone else.

This is where you are wrong. In this time where we have been able to raise the frequencies.

We have gone into a time of allowance of many activations and integrations that used to take years.  And sometimes lifetimes to


These can now be done in an instant.

The advantage we have is the ability to take you into the higher frequencies needed to make these activations and integrations possible.

Our goal with these activations is to connect you to your God Self, your I Am Presence and come into your own higher personal power.

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