Clearing & anchoring of the Light Bodies

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Clearing & anchoring of the Light Bodies

Clearing and anchoring of the Light Bodies connected to the physical body.

Never before has humanity been ready for this transition to seek the higher dimensions of reality. You have but to seek the light inside yourselves to understand your divinity and God-given right to achieve the higher realms of Ascension and evolution!

This is no small task, but through devoted diligence, learning your spiritual lessons and tests.

Ascension is now a higher process of integration and balance in all aspects of the physical/earthly plane.

Psychological development, mental attunement, emotional even-mindedness, and living in Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness!

The achievement of your higher light bodies can be attained by each and every one of you through the right use of your will and personal power.


The physical body is your base structure of light. This dense and wondrous body encases the light of God within. It is a compilation of an entire recipe consisting of DNA, RNA, electrons, neurons, atoms, cells, blood, tissue, intellect, consciousness and your divine blueprint as an individual.

The Etheric body is the body of protection for the physical body. It protects and holds the blueprint or grid work for the physical body.

This body of light has a golden-white shimmering appearance with the grid lines for the physical body flowing through it.

This grid work is the foundation for electrical and divine energy impulse transmission and reception for the physical body.

This is a very intricate body of light and its purpose is not only for protection but also a transducer station for creative light emanation.


This body of light holds and manifests all emotional attributes.

Thoughtforms created by our minds emanate through the emotional body.

The emotional body decides through the intellect and our free will what action or re-action will occur.

If we are continually living in our Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness.

Our emotional body will act and re-act in the way our consciousness dictates.

It is only when one’s negative ego/fear-based / separative consciousness is allowed to dominate.

One’s emotional state will become negative and destructive to one’s emotional consciousness.

The emotional consciousness of a being can certainly affect the physical body in terms of physical illness, physical performance, depression.

And a multitude of other conditions.

All thoughtforms that are created, emanate through the chakra and meridian system of the body.

They cause a ripple effect throughout all light bodies.


The mental body expands into infinitude!

The latitude of space the mental body has to work within has no boundaries.

The mental body is the source of all mental thoughts created by the central mind, your brain, the source of thought consciousness for your being.

The mental thoughts one can produce is only restricted by one’s mind or negative ego/fear-based/separative thinking!

So, imagine the multitude of thoughts one can produce!

It is mind boggling to imagine the infinite process of the mental body!

The mental body holds the highest vibratory rate in the lower base structure of light bodies.

Your mental vibration creates thoughts.

These thoughts are transmitted through the chakra system creating an action or re-action to your mental consciousness at that moment.

You are in control of your thought-creating ability.

And you are in control of mastering Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness with every level of light body!

The mental body’s appearance in the aura is the color of red or ruby of the lightest hue.

The mental body’s vibration takes your thoughts and transmits them through all other light bodies and into the Universe where they are manifested.


The Buddhic/Causal Light Body is known as the “Spiritual Body.”

This body is used and developed with the specific path of developing your soul on every level.

It has a multitude of experiences it uses in service to God and humanity.

The Spiritual Body is used in soul travel for the purposes of serving God and also to acquire higher knowledge on the inner plane.

It is used to go to Spiritual School at night while you are sleeping.

Most people are not consciously aware that we soul travel at night to gain the higher knowledge and wisdom of God.

The use of this Spiritual Body to its highest potential would be ultimately characterized by living and maintaining Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness.

Your Spiritual Body is paramount in learning of spiritual ascension.

Your Spiritual Body maintains its balance throughout your light body structure through your thought process.

Mainly derived from your perspective of spiritual consciousness.

You must become diligent and devoted to achieving purity in the spiritual part of your consciousness.

In the same way that you integrate and balance the psychological and physical/earthly aspects of your being.

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